First appointment with the RE

We had our first appointment with the RE this morning. In a nut shell, the doctor told us that “normal” sperm counts are around 250 million, anything under 20 million is considered “low”, and any sperm numbers under 10 million (ours is 9) puts your chances at conceiving naturally very low. Our doctor specifically told us that if we kept TTC without any help that we probably would NOT conceive in the next 5 years, which was a tough pill to swallow. He gave us a few options to think about and decide on…..

  1. R take Clomid to help increase sperm count. He said it doesn’t always work, but if it does it usually take 3 months to see results.
    Cost: ~$60/month
  2. IUI
    Success rate: 10-20% (10% with Clomid alone, 20% if adding injectable medications)
    Cost: ~$1,200/cycle (including medications, ultrasounds, sperm washing, SA, procedure, etc)
  3. IVF
    Success rate: 50-60%
    Cost: ~ $7,500/cycle
  4. IVF with ICSI Something I didn’t know until today was that if we chose ICSI with our IVF sperm count does not matter….it levels the playing field because they actually fertilize each egg before insemination. Although, just because each egg is fertilized before being inserted it does not increase the odds from IVF alone.
    Success Rate: 60-70%
    Cost: ~ $10,000/cycle.

After talking it over with R we’ve decided to start him on Clomid and schedule our first IUI 3 months out. We’re very hopeful that the Clomid will help increase his sperm count, and we can still pursue the “natural” way of making a baby. I guess only time will tell. In the meantime I made an appointment to start seeing a counselor about my depression. My general practitioner doesn’t want me on any anti-depressants while TTC. She said unless my depression was very severe the negatives outweigh the positives.


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