Good news from a friend

I have a girlfriend who is going through the exact same situation we are (MFI), only they’ve been at it a year longer than us. She gave me some VERY encouraging news over the weekend, she is currently 12 weeks pregnant with twins. After they found out they were dealing with MFI and they probably couldn’t conceive naturally they started with IUI’s right away. She said they didn’t even bother with her husband trying Clomid. She said the first three IUI’s they did with Femera & the HCG trigger shot. After the first three failed they moved onto injectables & the HCG trigger shot with IUI. 3 weeks after her 4th IUI her pregnancy was confirmed and she was told she was having twins. I realize that not everyone is the same, and we could get pregnant right away when we start our IUI’s or it could take a lot longer for us…..but this news was very encouraging to me! This CAN work for us!





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