What’s next?

I called my RE’s office today to schedule our first IUI for December…..well little did I know, it doesn’t quite work like that. The way the nurse explained it to me was the cycle we decided to have an IUI I would need to call on cycle day (CD) 1 to get a prescription for myself for Clomid. I would take the Clomid CD 5 – CD 9. Then between CD 13 & 15 (depending on the day of the week) I would go into the office for an ultrasound to see how many and what size follicles I was “growing” to determine when to do the IUI. At that point the IUI would be scheduled, R would produce a sample, the sample would be washed, then the insemination would be completed. The nurse did inform me though that the ONLY times of the year their office is closed are for Thanksgiving & Christmas. So if my CD 13-15 is going to fall around either of those holidays I would need to wait until the next cycle. I feel better now that I know what to expect. I’ve also read a lot of great things about the sperm washing they do for the IUI’s. The sperm washing helps to increase the success rate of the IUI because when the sperm is washed it cleanses away the dead sperm and those that are slow leaving behind the healthiest sperm. Also, the odds are increased since I’ll be taking Clomid that cycle. I’m optimistic that A) R’s count will be higher in December b/c of the three months in Clomid and B) the IUI will be successful the very first try.


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