CD47 ultrasound

Well, today is CD47 for me! I haven’t taken a HPT since Friday (CD43), just didn’t want to waste any more money tests or get my hopes up unnecessarily.

This afternoon I went into my RE’s office for an ultrasound since I’m so late. My doctor is out of town until Friday, so I just met with the RN/ultrasound tech today and she performed a transvaginal ultrasound. I’m definitely not pregnant, and there doesn’t appear to be any “problem” or reason why I haven’t started by now. The RN told me it could be because of an anovulatory cycle (meaning I didn’t ovulate), but I thought you still got your period even if you didn’t ovulate….so maybe I had some bad information previously. She said she would consult with the doctor, but more than likely he would want to prescribe Provera to me to induce my period so we can start fresh again. Now that I know I’m NOT pregnant I sure wish AF would hurry up and get here so I can try again. Ready to move forward with our first IUI! I just feel so worn down from this long cycle. I kind of “knew” I wasn’t pregnant b/c I kept getting negative HPT’s, but was still holding out hope since AF hadn’t shown up.

God only gives us what we can handle

4 thoughts on “CD47 ultrasound

  1. Anovulatory cycles can end up being super long – without the LH surge that happens with ovulation and the subsequent progesterone drop if the egg doesn’t fertilize, your body doesn’t get the message to shed the uterine lining (aka – have a period). That’s what happened to me all the time while TTC. 😦 Not a bad idea to start provera (basically a synthetic progesterone) to get the show on the road! Good luck with your IUI!

    • Hoping to start the Provera today since my RE should be back in the office. Hope it doesn’t take too long to start my period, my husband is going out of town Nov 9-16 and I would hate to “waste” this cycle too if my magic time falls during that week!! Thanks for your encouragement!!

      • Ya, I usually had to take the full 10 days and would get it a couple days after stopping. Some ppl luck out and just a few days of it is enough to trigger menses though!

      • I’m hoping for just a few days or 10+, because the in between our magic time will fall when he’s out of town. Guess we’ll see.

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