First time taking Provera

My RE finally called in my prescription for Provera Friday night, and I started taking it Saturday, today is day 3. I’m taking 1 pill/day for 10 days and AF should come visit anytime now…or as late as a few days after my last dose. If I haven’t started within 14 days I’m to call the RE and he wants to see me. The only side effect I’ve noticed is severe breast tenderness, which is annoying! If it were a pregnancy symptom I don’t think it would piss me off as much, but b/c it’s just b/c of the medicine it irritates me, lol. R is going out of town Nov 9-16, and there’s a good chance our “magic time” for IUI#1 will fall during that week, so we’ll probably end up having to wait until our next cycle, which is also irritating. Just trying to “relax” now until AF comes, because there is NOTHING I can do about it….but it’s easier said than done.

Oh yea, something else I should mention is R decided to quit smoking ciggs…’s been a week so far! His decision had nothing to do with our fertility, but I’m hoping he can really quit this time b/c it could make a difference in his sperm count, and obviously for the other beneficial reasons too! They say any changes you make it takes up to 90 days to see results though, so we won’t know anything right away. Between his crankiness of quitting smoking and my crankiness/irritability of everything we’re going through we’re a real joy to be around right now!


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