Lucky number 13?

Today, after taking Provera for 5 days I finally started my period!!! Never have I been so happy to see AF, but I’m just so happy to put an end to this cycle from hell (a whopping 54 days). Since AF finally showed today is CD1 of cycle 13 since we started TTC. This cycle we’ll be doing our first IUI, if the “magic time” falls while R is still in town! Really hope our timing is okay this month and he won’t be out of town (he’s leaving Nov 9th). I’m anxious to get started!

I’m excited and nervous all at the same time! Our RE wants R to continue taking Clomid (25mg/daily), he said although we’ve decided not to wait the full 90 days to see if it helps his sperm count it definitely couldn’t hurt! For me he’s prescribed Clomid (100mg/daily) for CD5-9, then I have an ultrasound scheduled for CD14 (Nov 5th). At the ultrasound they’ll be checking to see if I’m gearing up to ovulate and checking the size of the follicle(s) that are getting ready to produce an egg(s). At that appointment the RE will tell me what day to administer the HCG trigger shot, then 36 hours after the shot R will give a semen sample, they’ll wash the sperm, then they’ll perform the IUI. The shot is something I’ll have to do myself (or have R or a friend administer) because it’ll need to be after hours. Then, from what I understand around 14 days past IUI (DPIUI) I can take a pregnancy test to see if it worked! They suggest you don’t take one too early though, b/c if the HCG trigger shot is still in my system it could show a false positive.

There is a higher risk for multiples with these treatments. The IUI alone doesn’t increase the odds, but the Clomid does. Since I’m already ovulating on my own the Clomid may cause me to ovulate more than 1 egg, which could result in fraternal twins/triplets. While challenging I think twins would be nice, but the thought of triplets frightens me!

Hoping & praying for a BFP this cycle!!!!!!

woman praying silhoutte


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