So today I’m 5DPIUI & 7 days past trigger so I thought I’d do a little mid-2WW post, although I don’t have much to report. It literally feels like the time is crawling….I’m thinking it will speed up a bit soon though because I’m on vacation Thursday-Sunday, so that should help keep my mind off of things (as much as possible)!

0007045011864_500X500**TMI ALERT** I’ve been having the worst constipation since I started my progesterone suppositories. THE WORST!  Let me tell you about my new best friend who I met just a few days ago, good ol’ prune juice! Don’t let me fool you, it is DISGUSTING, but it does the trick. I’ve started drinking 1 glass in the morning and taking stool softeners around the clock, and I even have a bottle of prune juice at work now in case of emergencies, lol. Sad, but true. Other than the constipation (not that that’s not a TERRIBLE side effect) I haven’t had any other progesterone/pregnancy symptoms. They say implantation occurs between 6-12 days after ovulation and you won’t experience any symptoms at the VERY LEAST until a day or so after implantation, but then again some women don’t experience any symptoms until later on in their pregnancy. It’s really a crap-shoot whether or not I’ll get any symptoms so early on! In the next few days I’m hoping my little fertilized egg implants and hangs on tight, because I don’t want it going anywhere for the next 9-10 months!

0e76311f08f2d8db9ddaae309a942611Please continue to send thoughts & prayers our way!! One week from tomorrow I’m taking a Beta blood test to see if I’m pregnant or not, although my RE is only in the office the afternoon that day so with a 2:00 pm appointment I may not hear back until the following day. I’m also trying to prepare myself that it could be bad news and we may have to do the IUI process a few more times before seeing a BFP. Only time will tell!


17 thoughts on “5DPIUI

  1. All my crossables crossed for you!!! I don’t have any symptoms either which is weird because last month the trigger gave me symptoms. I feel 100% normal this time around which is actually bothering me but I tested yesterday and there was a very faint second like so I know the trigger is almost out of my system. We are almost halfway there!!

  2. I’m so glad you stopped by my blog. It’s been a long year for you guys so far! Clomid did wonders for my husband’s counts and morphology. I’m hoping one IUI is all you need! It was IUI #5 that got our little girl for us – and that was after IVF with ICSI.

    • Thank you!! Yes, it has been a long year….but I feel so much better now that we have a plan of action. Yes me too, but I’m trying to tell myself that it’s “okay” if the first one doesn’t work, and it may take a few more. Congrats on your little girl and the new baby that’ll be here soon, I hope to have my own miracle baby before too much longer too 🙂

  3. Hi Jen,
    I truly hope that next week you will have good news to share. I know first hand, how hard it can wear anybody down when going thru fertility treatment. I can tell you that staying positive and having hope is what help me during my process and giving God glory for my two babies. I wish you the best of luck and I will follow you to keep up with your progress. You are definitely in my prayers.

  4. I just started following you, so I have to get caught up on my reading. But, try the prune juice warm, like tea. I actually started to like it like that! Lol. It’ll be your BFF through your journey. Looking forward to your next post to see if things worked for you. I do hope do!

    • Thanks for the tip, I’ll give it a try next time I need it. I think my body must have adjusted to the progesterone after the first week bc I’m feeling much better now. Thanks!!!

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