How much does a Clomid IUI cost?

Just like anything (cars, houses, car insurance, etc) I’m sure that the cost of IUI differs based on location, and it will also differ in price based on the number of ultrasounds and type of medication(s) you’ll need. See below the cost breakdown of our first IUI. If you both have health insurance through work it is worth taking a look into your coverage. I had a friend who was on her husband’s insurance, but ended up switching over to hers b/c it paid 100% of IUI’s. Our insurance policy wasn’t supposed to cover any of our infertility treatments, but they have covered bits and pieces, and every little bit helps!!

(click on image to enlarge)

The IUI ended up being a little cheaper than we anticipated thanks to our insurance who picked up the bill on the ultrasounds.

For a running tally of what we’ve spent thus far on our infertility journey click here.



27 thoughts on “How much does a Clomid IUI cost?

  1. Wow that’s awesome! We have paid out about $240 so far but don’t have all the bills in yet. When we met with the financial consultant she broke down what our insurance would pay (they actually take the initiative and call our insurance company for us! I don’t trust anyone so I also called but she was spot on) and what we would be responsible for. Grand total will be aprox $800 per IUI. The first IUI will end up being a little more since I had 3 ultrasounds instead of 2 but it could be worse 🙂

    • Yea, I’m super excited about it….hopefully we don’t get any surprise bills. I keep checking our EOB’s…they’re available online. We anticipated having to pay around $900/IUI, so this is a HUGE savings! $800 isn’t terrible considering you’re having 3 ultrasounds! Yes, it could always be worse couldn’t it!

  2. Yes, You are LUCKY! We tried IUI 3 years ago and ended up spending about $6,000 out of pocket for it. We went into it thinking it would be around $1,500, but I needed meds for 22-23 days and that meant I needed more US’s for monitoring. And I was taking Bravelle injections – which I think is more costly than clomid. (I think). If we had known before going into how expensive it was actually going to be, I think we would have waited – but oh well, water under the bridge. Good for you!

    • Well if we end up moving to injections with IUI it’ll be another $1,000 or so…..but 6k for IUI? That’s nuts! Yea I know what you mean, you’d think they’d let you know up front what to expect….that’s a pretty big difference from the $1500 you expected!

      • My issue is that I have a lot of follicles on both ovaries, so she was very timid to over stimulate for an IUI. I guess for that procedure I am high risk for multiples. It took a high dose of meds (I think I was up to 225 units per day) but going up slowly and a $250 US every other day, it adds up quickly.

  3. Our IUI’s were a bit too. I live in Canada so ultrasounds and bloodwork is included in medical.
    5 days of clomid – 65
    donor sperm – 700
    IUI wash and procedure – 300

    so 1,065 bucks a try. Yikers! However it is less then we had to spend on M’s IVF – over 15,000.

    • If you take out the $700 for donor sperm ours were very similar in cost! I didn’t realize that’s how much donor sperm cost, yikes! Still cheaper than IVF for sure though.

  4. Wow that’s great! We paid $1500 for the IUI and “washing” alone. Plus meds on top of that. I am happy the financial stress is a bit reduced for you… hoping for your success with your IUI! Fingers crossed.

  5. that is amazing!!! all of my ultrasounds are covered under our health care (canada)
    my clomid was 80 dollars out of pocket…500 dollars for the actual IUI and 700 dollars for the sperm.
    times 3.

  6. This is really interesting! Our injectibles IUI cost us $5,250 (I documented our costs here – Amazing how costs can be so different for different people! I took a little longer to ovulate so they had to do 5 ultrasounds which was $1,315 of the cost, plus all of the extra monitoring, which was $1,550 by the end of the cycle. Ouch! That being said, we ended up with 1 follicle…and a BFP…and our daughter who just turned 2, so totally worth it!

    • Yea, that’s crazy! I know the injectables are more…..but that’s a LOT more than we had to pay! Absolutely, worth every penny since it worked!

      • Ya – not a lot of that additional cost was the injectibles though. A lot of it was the monitoring, plus we had to pay to freeze/thaw my husband’s sample b/c he was working out of state at the time (an extra $700). We were paying about $500/day for the monitoring between bloodwork and ultrasounds (I ended up not O’ing until CD17) which upped the cost quickly!

      • Jeez! 700 to freeze his sample? Where do they get these numbers…..that’s astronomical! Well, I’m glad it worked….that’s all that matters in the end! Hopefully IUI will work for us too!

      • It was b/c it would be stored with other samples in their lab, so they required a CBC panel on it ($360) and the freeze/thaw portion cost $340. Kinda crazy! We had no other option though b/c my husband was working on the oil rigs in ND at the time and since my cycles are really irregular, we had no idea if he’d be there at the right time (and he wasn’t). Pretty cool it was an option!

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