Injectables or no injectables, that is the question

2079669514_c0316607f0_oSo at my last visit with the RE he said he is confident we can get pregnant with our low sperm count with a medicated IUI (Clomid for me + the HCG trigger shot), but that the more aggressive (quicker) way to go about it would be to do an IUI with injectables and the HCG trigger shot. He said our chances for multiples is MUCH higher with injectables, and we’re not talking just twins. Also the cost is much higher, we’d be adding $1,000 to our currently $700/cycle regimen. He said out of every 1,000 they tend to have 3 sets of triplets and 1 set of quadruplets. Another consideration he talked about was “selective reduction”, meaning if we got pregnant with quadruplets we could choose to “reduce” down to twins, or whatever our “magic number” would be. R & I both agree that we’re NOT OKAY with quadruplets and we’re also NOT OKAY with selective reduction… we’ve decided injectables are not for us. There’s still a chance of multiples with the medicated IUI’s, but typically not high-order multiples like with the injectables. Know of a little show called  Jon & Kate Plus Eight….yea they did IUI with injectables to get their twins & sextuplets. Now, this may mean we’ll have to do several more IUI’s before we get a successful one, but who knows….our very next one could be successful!

Also, I found a little more information about the cyst I have on my ovary. When RE said we were “out” this cycle, he didn’t mean we couldn’t TTC on our own, he just meant that we couldn’t have a medicated IUI, and he said there is really no point in doing an un-medicated IUI. If I took Clomid this cycle, with the cyst, there would be a chance of the cyst rupturing, but if I do a natural cycle the cyst will likely go down in size or pass on its own. So there’s the plan….just going natural this cycle, I have a HSG test scheduled for 12/4, then we’ll shoot for IUI #2 sometime after the first of the year.

The loss our friends suffered kind of put things into perspective for me, about what’s important in life. By no means am I suggesting we don’t want kids, or that we don’t want them right now anymore….but now I realize it’s not life or death if it takes another few months to get pregnant. We’ve already waited 14 months, whats another few? I’m confident that we’ll be pregnant in 2014. I’m just trying to remain as positive as possible and enjoy the time we have together now with “just us”. The funeral we went to yesterday was the saddest one I’ve ever been to, our friends were so strong as they buried their daughters. That’s something that should never happen, you should never have to bury your children….your children should bury you. My heart goes out to them and I pray for them every day. I know that they have some really tough days still to come, but I just hope that they stick together through all of this.


12 thoughts on “Injectables or no injectables, that is the question

  1. The fear of multiples with me was my RE’s reasoning behind such slow stimulation (22 days) & frequent US’s. That is how my cost became so high. Good luck!

  2. Happy to hear a more upbeat post from you! I know that’s hard considering what you’re going through…..maybe my prayers are working! XOXO

  3. I’m also confident that you’ll be pregnant in 2014. I also appreciate your positive outlook. You’re right, what’s a few more months? I see your concerns with injectables. My doctor was also so confident this round, when I called to say it was negative, they actually said, “Are you sure?” Ummm yes. I’m sure. 🙂 I’m so sorry to hear about your friend. That just absolutely breaks my heart.

    • Thanks lady! I think it’s going to be a great year! LOL about your doctors office….yes, I am positive I’m not pregnant. I’m scheduled for my HSG next Wednesday and I have to go in for a pregnancy test before the test, I said “is that really necessary? I know I’m not pregnant”, but I guess it’s just protocol. Yes, very sad indeed.

  4. If you’re not down with high order multiples (who is?!) and selective reduction, you’re making the right choice for sure. The last thing you need is to finally get pregnant only to have it be super high risk and possibly lose babies. It’s worth waiting to minimize that risk!

  5. I hated the Clomid and I was more than happy to move on to injectables this cycle–I’m not truly concerned about high-order multiples because we only had 2 mature follicles so triplets and quads don’t seem very likely. I just had my hcg trigger shot today so we’ll be holding our breath to see if this works for us. XO
    **Also my friend Steph ( had 4 mature follicles (with MFI) and she’s having a singleton. That also made me feel good about the injectables.

  6. Our RE gave us a 20% chance of multiples with an injectibles IUI cycle — that included about a 15% chance of twins and 5% chance of “high order” (meaning 3+). However, he would not allow a trigger with more than 3 mature follicles (Jon + Kate’s doc let them trigger with 6 FOLLICLES – highly irresponsible of a doc)… so they did their best to keep the chance of high order multiples down. There is always the REALLY low risk of an embryo splitting and creating multiples that way, but that was pretty much not a concern of ours. We decided we probably wouldn’t trigger with more than 2 follicles, but I only ended up with 1 anyway, even after 5 days of 100mg Clomid + 7 days of 75iu of Menopur. Just saying to not write off injectible IUIs completely b/c there ARE ways to help mitigate the risk of multiples.

    • Hmm, that’s interesting! Ours kind of led us to believe it was a much higher risk! On Clomid only I produced 3 mature follicles….so maybe he thought since I responded well to that if we added injectables we’d end up with more?!

      • Ya, possibly. I was a shitty responded to Clomid. Based on my bloodwork results & PCOS Dx, he thought I’d be a “super responder” to injectibles — but that obviously didn’t happen. If you respond well to Clomid you probably don’t need to do the injectibles route anyway. Cheaper anyway!

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