Surgery has been tentatively scheduled

laparoscopeAF came to visit this morning making today CD 1, just lovely. And finally my laparoscopy surgery has been tentatively scheduled for January 8th….it had to be after January 1st at the earliest because that’s when our new insurance will become effective. Hoping to firm up that date soon so I can give work as much notice as possible. I’ll start taking Norethindrone (5mg twice a day) on CD 3 (Christmas Day). RE said to continue all supplements, that they wouldn’t haven an impact on the medication or surgery. Continue reading

Empathy vs Sympathy

Great post Lydia! I love this!

Rarely, if ever, does an empathetic response begin with “at least…”, this was my favorite part of the clip! I knew the difference between sympathy and empathy before I watched this clip, but never have I heard it explained so well!


Lydia Seeks Bebe

I think we can all relate to this video. The line that drives it home: “Rarely, if ever, does an empathetic response begin with ‘At least…'”

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New and improved plan

After taking the weekend to think about things I’ve come up with a new plan, that hubby is okay with too. It’s open enrollment for our health insurance right now, the deadline to change is actually today! My husband’s employer offers several different kinds of insurances to choose from, so I did some digging and I found one that I think will work for us. It’s $140 more per paycheck ($3,640 more per year), BUT covers the exploratory surgery I need for my tubes and it also covers 70% of IUI’s….which, if everything goes well on the surgery would technically be all we’d need to give us a good shot at a BFP! Continue reading

Yesterday was a really bad day

bad-day-bad-lifeYesterday I had my HSG test completed. It was supposed to be a routine test. Because of my age and my previous blood tests RE said he had no reason to believe I had any issues. He was wrong. The test started out with me having to go into my RE’s office for a pregnancy test. I walked into a packed waiting room to sit and wait 30 minutes before they asked me to pee in a cup to verify that I wasn’t pregnant (I think they’re just covering their asses on this one, b/c if you have the HSG test and you are pregnant you’ll more than likely miscarry). Then I had to go downstairs to admitting (my RE’s office is inside of the hospital) and wait to be checked in there. Next I went back to radiology, changed into a gown and waited for RE and the radiologist to come in. The RE inserted a speculum, then inserted a balloon type device to open my cervix (which was painful) then inserted a catheter into my uterus. Next he started to inject me with a liquid that had dye in it and the radiologist began taking pictures. If all is well and your tubes are opened the test is pretty painless, other then some minor cramping…..this WAS NOT the case for me. Quickly after injecting the liquid RE could see that my right tube was blocked so it was HELLA painful for about 30 seconds, then they pulled out the catheter and I was fine. I got dressed then went back up to RE’s office to talk. Continue reading