New and improved plan

After taking the weekend to think about things I’ve come up with a new plan, that hubby is okay with too. It’s open enrollment for our health insurance right now, the deadline to change is actually today! My husband’s employer offers several different kinds of insurances to choose from, so I did some digging and I found one that I think will work for us. It’s $140 more per paycheck ($3,640 more per year), BUT covers the exploratory surgery I need for my tubes and it also covers 70% of IUI’s….which, if everything goes well on the surgery would technically be all we’d need to give us a good shot at a BFP!

It’s not that we’re opposed to IVF….hell, if we had 10k sitting in a bank account we’d probably do it tomorrow….but $10,000 is A LOT OF MONEY for a CHANCE at getting pregnant. And the thought of waiting a year-ish to try IVF and see if it will work also sucks. If it’s not going to work I want to know now! I’m horrible at waiting for anything, especially this! I think since I am still “so young” (I hate hearing that in the TTC world) that we should give the exploratory surgery a shot. Worst case scenario, they have to remove a tube then we’re just back to where we started and IVF with ICSI will be our best shot. Best case scenario, they remove the blockage and we go onto IUI’s again and get our BFP sometime in 2014. I called my RE’s office today to schedule my surgery, which will need to be after January 1 when our new insurance kicks in….hopefully they’ll call me back tomorrow!

As always, thank you for the thoughts, prayers, and words of wisdom! This network I’ve found through blogging is absolutely incredible. Who knew there was this whole other world out here?!? Love you guys! XOXO



20 thoughts on “New and improved plan

    • Well, it’s also quite a bit more expensive than our current policy…..but I’m hoping we get pregnant in 2014 and then we can switch to a cheaper insurance in 2015! If it works it’ll still be cheaper than 1 round of IVF!

  1. Great plan! I wish I had that brain fart when it came to open enrollment on my husband’s insurance plan…grrrr….infertility is covered by 50%, but still a lot of money to come up with…as if infertility isn’t stressful enough already…go figure…I hope you’ll be hearing back from them tomorrow!

    • 50% of everything infertility is covered by your insurance? Including IUI & IVF? That’s not too bad…..better then most people, from what I hear. We also opened up a FSA this year and are contributing the max ($2,500/year pre-tax dollars) which will help us pay for the uncovered parts more easily.

      • Yes…50% as far as I know IUI & IVF. IVF up to 3 attempts I believe. Although, I’m sincerely hoping that we won’t have to do IVF…even with 50% covered that’s still a lot of cash that we would have to come up with first besides the torture you have to go through with IVF.

  2. My insurance covers zilch on fertility. However my doctor is able to bill most things under diagnostic since he is a gynecologist as well. My insurance completely covered my laparoscopy which was $30,000!!! I haven’t even kept track of how much money we have spent, I don’t think I want to know. I may just puke! My first fertility doctor billed everything fertility so nothing was covered the whole time we went there. But it won’t cover our injectable meds, which last time cost us around $800.

  3. It sounds like a great plan! If you didn’t try the surgery on your tubes, you would always wonder. Between IVF’s we had to try one more IUI, and it’s the IUI that brought me my daughter! It’s always worth a try!

  4. I am all for finding answers when possible so I certainly hope you find some, and get that coveted bfp in the new year, with a take home baby! Be sure to eat black eyed peas on New Year’s Day, they bring luck, and served us well with our final iui.

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