Surgery has been tentatively scheduled

laparoscopeAF came to visit this morning making today CD 1, just lovely. And finally my laparoscopy surgery has been tentatively scheduled for January 8th….it had to be after January 1st at the earliest because that’s when our new insurance will become effective. Hoping to firm up that date soon so I can give work as much notice as possible. I’ll start taking Norethindrone (5mg twice a day) on CD 3 (Christmas Day). RE said to continue all supplements, that they wouldn’t haven an impact on the medication or surgery.

*Norethindrone is used to treat endometriosis and also to prevent pregnancy, they don’t want me ovulating this cycle because of my surgery.

I’m both excited and anxious for the surgery. There are risks with any surgery, but I think I have a lot to gain from the surgery too. If it’s minor like they think, and they are able to remove the blockage from my right tube it will include probably just 2 incisions, one just below my bellybutton and the other on my right side. My surgery is on a Wednesday, so I’ll take off Wednesday & Thursday….and possibly Friday depending on how I’m feeling.

If they’re able to unblock my tube we should be good to go starting IUI#2 in February! They say your best chance at falling pregnant after a laparoscopy is within the first 6 months after your surgery. I’m really hopeful that 2014 will be the year we get pregnant…..just hoping it’s sooner rather than later!

I’m trying really hard to remain positive about everything….but it’s really hard sometimes, and I think the holidays make it harder. We send out picture Christmas cards of our family every year (my husband, myself and the 2 dogs….the cats are jealous that they’re not in the pictures, but seriously that would be impossible), and this time last year I imagined our 2013 card including a baby, or at the very least a pregnant belly…..and neither happened, and it’s been really hard on me. We’re not travelling for Christmas this year, so we’ve decided on Christmas day we’re going to sleep in, cook breakfast, then go see a movie or two…..a fun day with just us! Trying to take care of myself and enjoy the holiday without killing anyone.

I guess my next update will be post-surgery….so please keep me/us in your thoughts and prayers! If all goes smoothly 2014 could be a much better year for us!

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22 thoughts on “Surgery has been tentatively scheduled

  1. I had the surgery last year and it went smoothly. The worst part was constipation from the pain meds post surgery, lol. I completely empathize with you when you mentioned what you imagined your Christmas cards being like this year. Instead of sending out those exciting announcements, I received them…from multiple people…grrr! Wishing you the best for 2014 and lots of baby success.

    • Thanks! Glad to hear your surgery went well, hopefully mine will go smoothly too! I’ve heard that about the constipation too! Wonder if I can start taking something for it before my surgery? Guess I should ask!

  2. Good luck! I used the bell system afterwards (ring the bell, husband comes…the bell being my cell phone of course) and my husband did a great job catering to my needs. Get lots of movies to watch and relax! I was kind of sad when I had to go back to doing everything myself đŸ˜¦ You don’t have to drink that nasty crap to clean out your colon do you?

      • Haha! Thanks! Well if you do then it’s for a good reason. My doctor didn’t want anything in my bowels when he did the surgery. And if you do, you’ll need a ton of magazines for your date with the toilet…..and a bell.

      • A couple of days. I felt better after the first day but I didn’t want to overdo it. I did the surgery on Thursday and went back to work on Monday. But then I felt bad that day so I took a half day off.

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