Bring it 2014!

2013 wasn’t a bad year, a lot of wonderful things happened in our lives! I organized a very successful 5k race to help raise awareness of the disease my mother passed away from, R’s older sister had her first baby (our first niece), my sister announced her third pregnancy, I started grad school, R’s younger sister graduated from college, our oldest nephew started kindergarten, and we had several friends & family visits throughout the year….but it didn’t bring us a baby, and that’s what I keep dwelling on. It’s so easy to dwell on the negatives and forget all of the positives and blessings in our lives and I’m trying to be better at that.

I’ve got a few *hopefully realistic* goals for the new year that I’d like to share….sharing them makes them real:

  • lose 8 lbs every month I’m not pregnant
  • maintain a more positive attitude
  • read 1 book (for fun, not school) a month

Tomorrow I go in for my pre-op appointment for my laparoscopy, and that’ll give me a better idea of what to expect the day of my surgery and post-op. Starting to get a little anxious about the surgery….but excited too. If things go well we could be starting IUI’s again in February or March!

Wish me luck tomorrow and in the new year with my new goals & new attitude!



25 thoughts on “Bring it 2014!

  1. Good luck with your procedure which I have a hard time pronouncing…lol. Losing 8lbs a month is a lot…it took me 4 months to lose 10 lbs…lol. But, it’s good to have goals! I wish I had some…well, my all-time goal is to have a baby, but that’s not gone so well so far…lol. I will take your example and try and have a more positive attitude, too, and maybe not nag my husband so much…I’m sure he’ll like that one 😉

    • Thanks! LOL, yea it’s a mouth full! LOL, yea 8 lbs a month is pretty ambitious… we’ll see. Having a good attitude ALL THE TIME will be difficult, but just something to strive for, and yes I’m sure our husbands will appreciate less “nagging” (I HATE that word, lol).

      • I hate that word, too…lol…but that’s the term I guess our husbands like to use for a lack of a better word…hey, as long as we women agree on it that it’s not nagging then that’s all that matters 😉

    • Thanks for the tip about the water, I hadn’t heard that! I’m sure I’ll make good use of my netflix account next week! How long were you “down for the count”?

      • surgery was Tuesday, and Wednesday I say was the worst as the drugs wore off. Thursday and Friday I worked from home. I was walking very slowly until the weekend (walking my dog was hard). By Monday next week I was fine except for some bloating. Good luck!!

  2. Good luck with your surgery and in the coming year! I love that you’re counting your blessings — really helps keep things in perspective. Easier said than done, I know, but I found that I felt better when I kept track of all the wonderful things I DID have instead of being entirely focused on the one thing I didn’t. (Some of the things I was lucky to have were things my friends with babies didn’t.) Try not to forget that this is still your life (you only get one and it’s short) and there are so many enjoyable things to do and learn and people to love.

    Now that we are waiting to adopt, I try to think of advice I got when I was between work one time and really freaking out about not having a job: “Look for a job–look hard–but don’t let it consume you. After you send out resumes, take time to enjoy being unemployed. Do things you love that you won’t be able to do once you find full-time work again. Volunteer. Exercise. Read. Whatever it is you enjoy. It might seem like it, but you won’t have this freedom forever.” Same goes for trying to conceive. And waiting to adopt.

    Good luck and take care!

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