Surgery went great!!

Sitting in recovery now sipping ginger ale waiting for R to finish up at work and come get me. I’ve got a little pain in my stomach, but it’s not too bad. I have 2 incisions on my belly button and one a little lower by my panty line.

Now for the good news part….both of my tubes are COMPLETELY OPEN!!! Apparently sometimes when they do the HSG test your body can spasm making your tube(s) appear blocked when they really aren’t. When this happens the only way to get a true picture of what’s going on is the surgery I had. My RE said he found a small spot of Endometrosis, but nothing to be too concerned about…..and nothing that should prevent me from getting pregnant. I have a post-op appointment scheduled for next Wednesday, he said we’d lay out a plan of action then…..but I’m assuming I should be starting IUI’s again VERY VERY soon! I’m seriously elated. So relieved to have the surgery completed and to have such excellent results! Thank you for all of the warm wishes and prayers, it means so much to me to have such a supportive group of family, friends and TTC/Infertility sisters. You guys are great!!

I even got some awesome pics I can’t wait to get framed, lol.




34 thoughts on “Surgery went great!!

  1. That is great news that your tubes are open! It’s so funny how doctors can misdiagnose so often and only way to find out for sure is surgery. But glad things are good and hope you recover fast!

      • Don’t you jinx me now…lol…I had the HSG and that was intrusion enough for me so I can only imagine your procedure’s invasion…thanks…but no thanks πŸ˜‰

      • Lol. Did you have a bad HSG? Mine was hella painful! The lap wasn’t so bad……but prep and recovery aren’t a piece of cake.

      • That’s what I was thinking…it’s probably all nice and well until the pain killers are wearing off and the healing begins…I didn’t have a bad HSG, but I wouldn’t wanna do it again if I have my way…lol…I can think of better things to do…lol. I’m sure your hubby will treat you like a queen…forget about the queen stuff once you’ve got kids…hehe…have a good recovery πŸ™‚

  2. Oh my gosh! Awesome. Im so glad everything went well Jen. I hope you continue to recover well. And those pictures are just lovely, Im thinking you should blow one up for over the mantle.

  3. This is super amazing news!!! I am so happy for you! The best news that good be hoped for. I am thrilled it wasn’t too bad…I thought my lap was pretty ok too, just a little sore. Maybe like a good ab workout? Praying this is just the start of some great news in the future!!

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