Clomid headaches

headacheToday will be my 4th day on Clomid for this cycle, I’ve taken 3 doses so far (I take my pills/vitamins at night). Last night I started to get the worst headache, almost migraine…..and today it’s worse. I forgot how terrible the headaches were last Clomid cycle! DAMN YOU CLOMID! At least I can feel it working in my ovaries, I’m trying to channel my frustrations into positive thoughts about growing many many follicles that will produce eggs!!

I did put a call into my RE’s office, maybe they’ll prescribe me something for my migraine (as tylenol/advil/ibuprofen isn’t doing the trick), or maybe they’ll suggest we switch to a different prescription next time?! Who knows, I just felt like I needed to call.

36 thoughts on “Clomid headaches

  1. oh man I hated the Clomid headaches!!! They are so awful, I am sorry you have them 😦 Maybe if this cycle doesn’t pan out they can switch you to Femara. I had absolutely zero side effects with that stuff and from what I hear, that’s the norm. However, definitely keeping my fingers crossed that this is THE cycle!!! xoxo

    • I’ve heard that from other people too. I wonder why re’s don’t just start with Femera? Do you think Clomid is suppose to work better?? So odd. My headache really sucks, but I know it’s “for a good cause” and it’ll soon end!

      • My RE switched me after my first cycle because I didn’t have a great response to Clomid (even though we did get two mature follicles from that cycle in the end). He said that he had gone to a conference recently and there was compelling evidence that Femara had a slightly higher success rate than clomid. I searched and searched online but I wasn’t able to find anything concrete about it. He said he was going to start using it more and in the end it did work for me but that could have been luck of the draw too. However I did have a much better response to it for both cycles that I used it.

      • Interesting! I had a pretty good response to clomid the first cycle I took it… maybe that’s why they’re keeping me on it? Who knows. Whatever works!

  2. 😦 Hang in there! I didn’t have any headaches when I took Clomid, but that might depend on the dosage? I had to take 50 mg. But I felt awful from the trigger shot just to make you feel better πŸ˜‰

  3. Of all the treatments & drugs I took, I had the WORST side effects with clomid. Hard to believe that what they start you off with is harder on you than the β€œhardcore” injectable drugs. At least for me. Every round of clomid was a nightmare for us. Hopefully your headaches will improve! At least the clomid cycles are short, in that you only take them for a few days rather than weeks. Hey, its something. πŸ™‚

  4. I am not on clomid but woke up with a horrible migraine yesterday :/ I woke up this morning…still here. If I get a migraine, I seem to have it hang around for at least three days. I hope you feel better soon. Excedrin Migraine took the edge off yesterday.

      • yes you should try that (the maximum strength. lol) I am hoping it goes away before Princess Paul (the three year old girl we are keeping for a little while) wakes up. Migraines plus a 3 year old who ask the same two questions every five minutes (Why? Whatcha doin?) do not mix. :/

  5. Clomid migraines are the worst! What helped me is having Dh rub my neck(having a migraine for so luck causes me to tense up which doesn’t help the situation) until I can lay down without it hurting more. Then I’ll lay in a dark room with an icepack on my head. It usually helps to the point I can fall asleep and that usually helps alot. I did femara this time, and had NO side effects. If they’d switch you, I’d recommend it!

    • I’m the same way! I’ll definitely be having my husband give me a neck rub tonight! I think I will ask to be switched if we have to do this again.

  6. Sorry you’re going through this. I would definitely push for Femara if this cycle isn’t the one. Also one reason they may not start with Femara is because it’s not actually FDA approved for ovulation induction; it’s prescribed for it off-label. Just a thought.

    • Not too terrible now, took some Excedrin Migraine before lunch and it’s helped a bunch! Interesting! Well, obviously I hope this is the cycle we get pregnant….but if it’s not I will def push for Femara.

  7. Clomid is the worst of all the fertility drugs i used. i hated it. it made me feel insane. i think drs prescribe it because its the cheapest. personally, i would just as soon pay more and forgo the evil clomid. i hope this cycle moves along quickly for you.

      • I had hot flashes and night sweats terribly. I cried a lot after i came off it. I actually felt worse a few days after i stopped it than when i was actually on it. I got really emotional (angry). It was just awful. I don’t remember having headaches though.

      • Well I didn’t have any of that with my first cycle, I hope I don’t have any this cycle either! That sounds horrifying.

  8. Hope you’re feeling better soon. BTW- I love the look of your blog. I don’t know when you changed it because I usually read your posts in my reader, but I love it! It’s so organized, easy to read, and just looks nice. πŸ™‚

  9. I only got headaches the first month and they weren’t too bad. Nothing like a migraine. Sorry it’s making you miserable!

  10. I think they don’t prescribe Femara first because it is more expensive I believe. I did have a lot of side effects on Femara and no one can ever make me take it again ;-). I gained 10 lbs and was extremely fatigued. But everyone experiences medications differently. Try taking some caffeine pills or drinking a bit of pop if the doc says you can. Good luck!

    • Oh, good to know. I should probably look into that too before I ask to be switched. 10 lbs sounds pretty terrible too….so maybe there is no “wonder drug”? LOL. Thanks!

  11. I am so sorry, lady!! Hopefully as soon as that last dose is done the headache also decides to take a hike. And praying that this cycle will be the one to do the trick! I did not have an SE from clomid, but I am starting femara on this cycle, so (if you need the input…hopefully not!!!) I’ll let you know how these go. Thinking of you!

    • Well shoot, maybe the grass isn’t greener. I take mine at night too, idk if that’s a good or bad thing, but I’m just better at remembering right before bed then in the mornings.

  12. I agree with folks suggesting Femara. I switched over after a couple cycles on Clomid that left me feeling terrible. I still had side effects from Femara but not as bad. And once I switched to injectables, I didn’t have any side effects – weird! BUT all the drugs do the same thing so just think about all those big follicles you’re growing. I hope your headache recovers quickly and best of luck!

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