CD16 Follicle Check

This afternoon I had another ultrasound (CD16) to check on my growing follicles, and they still weren’t quite ready! I now have 3 front runners: 16, 16, and 18 (I really wanted 4, but 3 isn’t bad). My RE said it was okay that they were slower to develop this cycle, it won’t have any impact on the success/failure. He’s scheduled our IUI for Monday, February 3rd.

My RE’s office typically does IUI’s first thing in the morning, but for some reason he asked if we could come in later Monday…..I said that would be fine b/c we were both off work, since we have company coming into town this weekend. This also means I’ll have to do my shot Saturday night later. So I’ll be doing the shot at 1:30 am Saturday night, and the IUI is scheduled for 1:00 pm (36 hours later) Monday. I joked that giving myself the shot at 1:30 am Saturday night would be a lot of fun after a few glasses of wine and my RE laughed. He said just make sure it’s in the right spot. LOL. Good lord I may even have to set an alarm in case we fall asleep before then, lol.

So, by Feb 17th we should know if IUI #2 worked or not. Here goes nothing!

22 thoughts on “CD16 Follicle Check

  1. 3 follicles! That’s great! I only had 2. But, apparently it only takes one egg 😉 Wine sounds really nice right now…well, if things go bad for me I might have a glass of wine myself on Monday when I will have my blood pregnancy test…how ironic, huh? I wish you all the best and that all things are aligned just right to finally make that baby (or babies) that you deserve!

    • Oh I know! I probably wouldn’t even know what to do with myself in the event that all three actually were fertilized and implanted. Well, I really hope you CANT drink wine for a long time. Thank you, I truly do too!

  2. My RE wouldn’t let us do an IUI with four follicles – they said the risk for multiples is too high – so three is probably perfect!
    I set an alarm for my trigger, and it all worked out swimmingly! Hope it all goes well!

    • According to our RE since we have MFI we have a lot lower shot at high order multiples…..which is why he’s not too concerned with the number if potential eggs…..but anything is possible. Thank you!!

  3. Good luck Monday!
    On a side note –
    My re makes us take atrigger 24-36 hours before IUI. The reasoning is that the eggs release on average 36 hours after and they want the swimmers in there before. I know eggs only live for about 8 hours but sperm is much longer. Hmm

  4. Hey there girl! I am so excited for Monday!! 3 is a perfect number…I am banking on it too =) Good luck with the trigger…it’ll be totally okee dokee and the IUI is going to run swimmingly too! Thinking of you!

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