BFP Goddess


I’ve been hearing and reading about fertility statues for some time now. They’re said to bring fertility juju to those who have them. They’re typically gifted to people, so I kind of figured it would be taboo to buy my own. After talking to an Instagram Infertility Sister she suggested that I DO buy my own, and after I get my BFP to pass it along to another infertility sister. They all have to get their start somewhere right?!? So I ordered a fertility statue today, should be here in a few days.

Hoping this statue brings many many BFP’s in its future!! Can’t wait to be able to pass this along, but until I do I’ll display it in our bedroom and touch it daily.

AM or PM? Trust me it makes a difference!

Clomid ecardThis is my third IUI cycle, and the third time I’ve been on Clomid. I typically take my vitamins and Clomid at night, just before bed. The first 2 rounds I didn’t have many side effects, just a few migraines. Well, for whatever reason I decided that this cycle I would start taking my vitamins and Clomid in the mornings before work. In my mind (I realize this sounds ludicrous now) I decided that if I took Clomid in the AM rather than the PM I would be 1 day quicker growing the follicles. Continue reading

Baseline ultrasound

downloadAF showed up yesterday, in a way I was glad to see her. Since I knew I wasn’t pregnant I’m just glad she didn’t dilly dally and now we can get a move on. I had an ultrasound this morning (CD2) to see if I had an cysts from the last cycle. Luckily I DID NOT! This means we can move on with IUI #3 this cycle, instead of taking a break. I’m excited to be moving on. They say the third time is a charm….I really hope that’s the case for us!!! Continue reading

Feeling much more hopeful today

Today we had our IUI#2 follow up appointment. If it had worked today would have been our first beta test, but since it didn’t we just met with our RE in his office. R came with me today, and I’m really glad he did. I feel like today was the most thorough conversation we’ve ever had with our RE. He suggested we move onto IUI with injectables or IVF. Since we switched insurance, and as soon as our deductible has been met (not too much longer) 70% of IUI’s will be paid for we’ve decided to stick with our original plan of several more IUI’s before considering alternative options. When the RE started going into the risks of triplets or more with injectables could feel R’s anxiety. He was literally squirming in his seat, lol. Continue reading

Always the Aunt

IUI #2 didn’t work. I tried so hard not to get my hopes up this cycle, but that didn’t work out too well. I had my crying breakdown this morning after another BFN at 13dpiui. We’re visiting my sister and her family this weekend and was really hoping to be able to share some good news with them. I slept with my four year old nephew Colin last night. He’s such a snuggler, I love it! After my BFN I got back in bed, and holding his little hand I had the awful thought, “what if this is all I get, what if I only get to be an aunt”, and that really broke me down. Continue reading

10DPIUI is the worst day of the 2WW!

In my maddened state of Googling possible “symptoms” today I came across this blog post and I just had to share, she captured my feelings (as well as many TTC’ers I’m sure) so well, lol.

I know I’m crazy. Being 10dpiui does that to a person.

I must not be alone on this one, because one of my most viewed posts to this day, was 10DPO, and I’ve gone mad! There must be others out there who think this day just totally sucks. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that in my opinion, 10 days into the TWW is the worst day of the whole TWW. Continue reading

Half way through the 2WW!

Today I’m 7dpiui & 9 days past trigger. Still too early to find out if this IUI worked, but I just wanted to give a mid-2WW update. I thought since this was my second IUI that I might be a little calmer on this 2WW, well I was wrong. I don’t know why I can’t seem to relax and/or stay off of Google. THERE IS NOTHING NEW OUT THERE I HAVEN’T ALREADY READ, and yet I continue to read anything I can get my hands on.

I’m THAT crazy lady that likes to start testing (using internet cheapies) the day after her IUI. I like to know when the trigger leaves my system so in case I decide to test earlier than the suggested 14DPIUI I will know if the test is reliable. **For those of you not in the TTC/Infertility world, the HCG trigger shot that I had to have 36 hours before my IUI gives me positive HPT’s for several days because it’s the same hormone that is read by HPT’s. Each day the test line should get lighter and lighter….but in pregnancy the test line will get darker and darker (because of the increased levels of HCG in your system). So now that I’ve gotten a stark white negative HPT if/when my second line comes back it’s the real deal! 🙂 Continue reading

What Infertile Women Want Women with Children to Know

I read a really good blog post today, and wanted to share some highlights. The article focused on things infertile women want the mom’s in their life to know.

It is something that, were I not walking through it myself, I would not understand at all. I would not understand the emotional, physical, and spiritual trials that come along with fertility treatments. I would not understand the strain it can put on marriages, friendships, and all other relationships. I would not understand the feelings of isolation, or the constant emotional roller coaster ~With Great Expectation

Continue reading

Injectables question

Okay, so I’m having trouble finding answers to a question I have regarding injectable medications in conjunction with IUI. Is the benefit to injectables that it gives you more follicles/eggs than on just Clomid/Femara alone? Or is there some other benefit too? Continue reading