Trigger shot in the middle of the night

I’ve never been crazy about giving myself my HCG trigger shots (I’m sure I’m not alone there) but when I found out for this IUI I would need to do it at 1:30 am I kind of freaked out more than last time. Because at that time of the night I couldn’t just drive down to my friends house and have her do it for me…..there would be no chickening out this time. We have friends visiting this weekend, and my girlfriend Amie offered to give me the shot if I wanted. I think just knowing this in the back of my mind caused me to chicken out. I went to bed around 11, and set my alarm for 1 to give myself time to wake up and mix the medication before injection. I literally wiped of the same spot on my leg with alcohol 15 times and tried to give myself the shot but I just couldn’t do it. I even said a prayer and took some deep breaths and still nothing. I went downstairs, I decided I would wake up Amie for help…..she came in the bathroom with me, washed her hands, and it was over before I even knew what happened. I know people say that all the time and you think, “yea right”, but it really went down that way! I’m so glad she was here to give it to me…..because I was a huge chicken. Any who, just glad to have it OVER! THANKS AMIE, I hope this was the last trigger shot I’ll ever need. 36 more hours until IUI #2, praying like crazy!!


9 thoughts on “Trigger shot in the middle of the night

  1. Good luck tomorrow!!! Or, it’s probably today now, but I hope everything goes smoothly and that this is the last time you ever need to trigger and that you have your little munchkin soon.

  2. Those trigger shots hurt! Knowing what I know now I don’t even want my husband to give them to me. My nurse did a decent job but ouch!! Baby dust to you tomorrow!

    • Lol. Yea it was! Normally he has you do your trigger at 10, then he’ll do the IUI 36 hours later at 10 am. This time he wanted to do it at 1:30 in the afternoon, meaning 1:30 am trigger

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