One per vagina

We’re now in our 16th cycle of TTC, gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long! We had our second IUI today and I’m feeling pretty hopeful, 6 million sperm post-wash. Not super thrilled with that number, but it’s enough to do the job! I pray that it works! They say anything above 5 million is worth doing the IUI. Now onto the hardest part of TTC, the 2WW! Hoping the time will fly by and I’m rewarded with wonderful news at the end!

I start the progesterone vaginal suppositories tomorrow, and will continue taking them until my beta blood test. If I’m pregnant this cycle they’ll continue having me take them until I’m probably 12 weeks along, because the Clomid could thin out your uterine lining and the extra progesterone will help beef it back up. I was reading the instructions for my HCG trigger shot, progesterone, etc the other day when I came across some rather strange/hilarious wording that I HAD to share: “Use one suppository PER VAGINA nightly….”. Do some people have more than 1 vagina? I think what they mean is, “Use one suppository by vagina (not mouth) nightly”….but the wording is very odd. Either way it had me cracking up when I read it. From what I remember about the progesterone suppositories from last IUI cycle so long as I use panty liners at night, remember to drink plenty of water, and take stool softeners regularly I should be just fine! They aren’t too terrible.

18 thoughts on “One per vagina

  1. OMG, there must be something about instructing people to take something vaginally that just really confuses people who write out medication instructions. My progesterone suppository instructions were also ridiculous. Helps keep the mood light, I guess? I hope the TWW is swift and easy!

  2. Hilarious!!! I’m so glad I don’t have two vaginas….one makes me crazy enough! LOL.

    Will be hoping and praying for you! xoxo

  3. Maybe that’s why we are having such a difficult time conceiving! Because we only have one vagina. Apparently the fertiles have more! Lol. I read this to my husband, he laughed as well. Good luck! hoping this tww FLIES!

  4. There are actually women with two vaginas! I used to work with one! She had two uteruses and two periods and everything. So for her sake, it has to be specific or she may only put one in one vagina and not get enough! Lol good luck!

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