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Okay, so I’m having trouble finding answers to a question I have regarding injectable medications in conjunction with IUI. Is the benefit to injectables that it gives you more follicles/eggs than on just Clomid/Femara alone? Or is there some other benefit too? The reason I ask is because this is my second medicated IUI cycle, and each time I’ve had 3 mature follicles with Clomid only…which is pretty good! Would there be a benefit to switching to injectables if we end up doing a third IUI, given that I ovulate on my own regularly? If the only benefit is to grow more follicles/eggs then I should probably stick with just Clomid. Any thoughts, comments, suggestions are welcome! Thanks ladies!!

**Really hoping IUI#2 does the trick, but I find it impossible to turn off my brain during the 2WW. Seriously, I’m only 2DPIUI and already going Google crazy.


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  1. I haven’t started injectables just yet, but we did meet with the RE about it. The benefit he explained to me is they have more control over how many follicles you get. With monitoring, they can give you more medication to grow the follicles, or back it down to stop some from growing. There is no control like that with Clomid- on my last round of Clomid the cycle was canceled because of too many follicles, soooo depressing. If I was on injectables, I don’t think that would have happened. I’m also looking forward to hearing what the other women say… great question!

    • I remember hearing about your last IUI being cancelled. The odd thing is that my RE WANTS as many as possible…..and isn’t worried about high-order multiples with me, maybe b/c hubby has such a low count? I’m honestly not sure. He said there’s around a 10% chance of twins, and much lower triplets/quads, etc. I’m thinking if the only advantage is the “control factor” then I’ll probably save my money and stick with Clomid only.

      • Well, “works” in the sense that I’m growing a decent number of follicles… hasn’t “worked” yet in the sense that I have gotten pregnant. Idk, just trying to think about my options….I’ve asked my RE this same question before, but I don’t ever understand his answer. Thanks lady!

  2. From my personal experience, I never had any results with clomid, and I did with injectables. But it took a while, 21-22 days on infectables. But as mentioned above, more control, so we did slow & steady with injectables so as not to trigger too many follicles. The weird thing for me was that I had WORSE side effects from 5 days on clomid than I did on 22 days of injectables. Everyone is different though. My IUI’s never worked, but that is b/c (we later learned) we had a sperm issue. But, the injectables totally did their job.

  3. Along with a more controlled cycle as previously mentioned.. I think injectables also help with quality of eggs produced. I personally didn’t have luck in anything.. But we are thinking there is something going on with my eggs; also DH has borderline low morphology which doesn’t help with IUI. I’m not sure if your insurance covers anything.. But our insurance stated they wouldn’t cover any infertility treatments but once my fertility clinic called the insurance they said they would cover the injectable meds if we went thru one pharmacy. So actually the more advanced our treatments got the cheaper it was for us thankfully. That’s also something to look into as well..

    • Quality of eggs is important! Unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover the medication portion of our treatments…..but my RE orders the meds from Europe and they’re MUCH cheaper!

      • Hmm that’s not long at all. I would personally think you should stay on it for a few more cycles at least to give you some chance to see if it works. Especially if your insurance doesn’t cover anything. I responded well on clomid.. I gave it 6 cycles before we moved on to something else. But that’s just me personally

      • Well, our plan is to do 6 IUI’s before moving on to other options….so I don’t want to miss out on trying the injectables with IUI, but if the main advantage is to just grow more follicles then I really don’t think I need it anyway….because I had 3 mature follicles each time with just Clomid

  4. Hi There!! I did 2 rounds of clomid and it completely thinned out my lining. I switched to Letrozole (Femera) but I didn’t respond well with that. I also ovulate on my own, but I got more follicles on injectables. If clomid works for you, I don’t think there is anything wrong with that protocol. The price of injectables is what’s painful. My insurance doesn’t cover anything so my Clomid was about $50 for 1 cycle. For my injectable cycle(s) we spend around $1,500 a month. Lucky that your RE gets great prices on meds!!!

    Like you, i’m going crazy in this TWW. I’m only 5dpiui and I don’t know how i’m going to continue for 9 more days!!

    • When you say it thinned out your lining, do you mean around ovulation? Or later when implantation would have occurred?

      LOL, it really sucks! Are you one of those crazies who tests often and frequently? I decided to test out my trigger, so I’m hoping if I am pregnant this cycle it won’t take 14 days to find out!

      • My lining was thin during the entire cycle. I would go in for my mid-cycle ultrasound and it was thin. My RE would have me do estrace to build it up, but when I got off clomid my lining was wonderful!!

        It DOES suck!! OMG. I’m a total crazy. I surf the internet and read into each symptom more than I should. I test WAY too much and typically start at 8dpiui. This time I am, however, going to try to hold out until 14dpiui. I last month was a really hard blow for me and it killed me a bit inside. Last cycle, my trigger was in my system up through day 12piui.. so I kinda think its a bit pointless for me to test anytime up til 12dpiui. And with god willing, and me trying to suppress THE CRAZY in me… I should be able to hold out to 14dpiui. Honestly, part of me doesn’t even want to test at all — as not getting the BFN gives me a bit of hope each day.

  5. Hi Jen! I’ve done a few IUI cycles on Femera/Clomid alone but am about to start my next IUI cycle on Femera and injectables. Femera days 3-7 and Gonal F days 7-9. I’ve always had descent follicle response to Femera alone but my RE suggested injectables for improved qty and (I think she said) quality. I have a low AMH of .6 but have responded well to the drugs in the past, so this more aggressive approach may or may not be needed. At this point I’m going to try almost anything, haha. And since I’ve been through a round of IVF, the meds don’t scare me like they used to. Is you RE suggesting a combined round of Femera/Clomid with injectables at the end or just injectables? The combined meds method is going to save us tons since I only need it for a few days. Could you ask about that if you aren’t planning that protocol already? And keeping my fingers crossed you won’t even need to worry about the next cycle! That would be such a blessing!

    • Hey lady, thanks for your reply! This is good to know. I think he recommended injectables with Clomid/Femara for next cycle….if this cycle doesn’t work. And you’re right, it would definitely be a way to keep the costs down. I hear ya on willing to try anything. We are too….to an extent of course. Thanks for your positive thoughts, I hope you’re right and all of this worry/wonder is for no reason at all!

    • I have low AMH as well, so I’m finding this really encouraging. Just wish we had a good RE who was prepared to try different approaches as well. We’re back to square one since we didn’t like the RE we had. 😦

      • I just changed RE’s a few weeks ago and really like this new one. It took hearing other ppl talk about how great theirs was to get me motivated to find someone new. I’m sure your RE has suggested these supplements but just in case, I have had good follicle response while on DHEA and CoQ10. Best of luck finding someone new. I found it a bit stressful but worth it, if anything for the change in staff, but hopefully for the outcome.

  6. I’m glad you posted this question and that so many others replied – I’ve been wondering much the same thing. We were going to do an IUI last year with an ob/gyn because the RE we were seeing was such a d-bag and didn’t even talk to us about anything other than full-on IVF (obviously because it’s way more money in the clinic’s pocket). But the ob/gyn wasn’t prepared to do monitoring, which I thought was crazy and a waste of time/money. Reading this post and the comments is helpful & informative for me to figure out what to ask for when we find a new doctor. Fingers crossed!

  7. I agree with the ladies above. If clomid is working for you mature follicle-wise, I’d give it 3 cycles. However, clomid is notorious for thinning your uterine lining which definitely has a negative impact on implantation. My RE doesn’t even recommended doing clomid cycles back to back to give your lining a chance to thicken up again if you’re someone that happens to. If you are planning on 6 IUIs (which hopefully you don’t need), I’d then do 3 injectible IUI cycles. Our RE said if you don’t get a BFP from 3 injectible IUI cycles, you probably won’t ever. Like the ladies above mentioned, it gives you more control over how many follicles mature though b/c you can change the amt / days of medication based on the ultrasound & bloodwork results you’re getting. Definitely way more expensive though if you’re paying out of pocket.

    • Well after our first Clomid cycle we had to take a break b/c it caused a cyst. This is my second cycle on Clomid, and at my CD16 ultrasound RE said my lining looked great, but maybe it’ll start thinning soon after long term usage of Clomid?! I think 3 sounds like a good idea before moving onto injectables…..although I hope we don’t even have to think about that. Thanks Josey!

  8. We were talking about this with our doctor recently. It does help with creating more follies but also can help with a thin lining. My follicles were great on clomid but my lining wasn’t as thick as they would have liked so they brought up the injectables.

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