Half way through the 2WW!

Today I’m 7dpiui & 9 days past trigger. Still too early to find out if this IUI worked, but I just wanted to give a mid-2WW update. I thought since this was my second IUI that I might be a little calmer on this 2WW, well I was wrong. I don’t know why I can’t seem to relax and/or stay off of Google. THERE IS NOTHING NEW OUT THERE I HAVEN’T ALREADY READ, and yet I continue to read anything I can get my hands on.

I’m THAT crazy lady that likes to start testing (using internet cheapies) the day after her IUI. I like to know when the trigger leaves my system so in case I decide to test earlier than the suggested 14DPIUI I will know if the test is reliable. **For those of you not in the TTC/Infertility world, the HCG trigger shot that I had to have 36 hours before my IUI gives me positive HPT’s for several days because it’s the same hormone that is read by HPT’s. Each day the test line should get lighter and lighter….but in pregnancy the test line will get darker and darker (because of the increased levels of HCG in your system). So now that I’ve gotten a stark white negative HPT if/when my second line comes back it’s the real deal! 🙂

The progesterone suppositories I have to take each night are said to give symptoms that mimic pregnancy, so any or all of the following symptoms I’ve listed may be because of them….but I like to keep track of everything anyway, so if it does end up being a successful cycle I can know exactly what was going on in my body. It’s literally impossible to tell the difference between AF/pregnancy/progesterone symptoms.

1 DPIUI: Positive HPT from the trigger shot, bloating, egg white CM (unusual at this point in cycle), constipation pain (even though I had a normal bowel movement today)
2 DPIUI: Positive HPT from the trigger shot, twinges in right pelvic area, creamy CM, extreme exhaustion (went to sleep at 8:00 pm)
3 DPIUI: Faint Positive HPT from the trigger shot, lower back pain, twinges in left pelvic area, creamy CM, twinges in both breasts (very minimal)
4 DPIUI: Faint positive HPT from the trigger shot, creamy CM
5 DPIUI: Faint positive HPT from the trigger shot, creamy CM, migraine
6 DPIUI: Faint positive HPT from the trigger shot, twinges in pelvic area, elevated heart rate, creamy CM, migraine
7 DPIUI: Negative HPT, creamy CM, lower back pain

Only another 7 days until I will know for sure whether or not this IUI worked. Still praying like crazy and crossing everything I can. I want this to work so badly, I’m so ready to end my infertility nightmare.


30 thoughts on “Half way through the 2WW!

  1. I am so glad to know that there is someone else out there who takes cheap HPTs starting the day after an IUI (or IVF, or FET, or whatever!) So sorry the waiting is so torturous! Praying and hoping for a positive outcome!!!

  2. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! Here’s hoping the next 7 days go by quickly and end on a positive note for you!

    I am not much of a tester. Mostly because I don’t keep them in the house. In fact I have one FRER that I’m saving for Friday, which will be 14 DPIUI for me.

    Good luck!!

    • Thank you!! Good for you, I wish I had that much self control. Sending positive vibes your way too, I hope your test Friday is as positive as they come!!!

  3. The two week wait is the worst! Another reason we decided to do IVF for our next cycle is because I want to try and minimize the number of two week waits I could possibly have! I hope that this is your very last one!

  4. I can’t take any tests, I think it would make me crazy 🙂 I’m on day one of the second round of IUI. Sending you lots of positive pregnancy vibes and prayers

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