Baseline ultrasound

downloadAF showed up yesterday, in a way I was glad to see her. Since I knew I wasn’t pregnant I’m just glad she didn’t dilly dally and now we can get a move on. I had an ultrasound this morning (CD2) to see if I had an cysts from the last cycle. Luckily I DID NOT! This means we can move on with IUI #3 this cycle, instead of taking a break. I’m excited to be moving on. They say the third time is a charm….I really hope that’s the case for us!!!

Nothing new, same protocol as before. I’ll take Clomid (100 mg) CD5-9, have a follicle check ultrasound CD 15 (March 5), RE will advise what day to administer the trigger shot, then we’ll have the IUI 36 hours after I trigger. Really hoping this is the one for us!!


35 thoughts on “Baseline ultrasound

      • Since our ultrasounds cost us $188.50 each (until we meet our deductible for the year, which we’re awful close) I am glad he does it this way… generally means less ultrasounds for me! CD12 would be WAY too early for me, I seem to grow my follicles/eggs very slowly.

  1. I never responded to Clomid, so all of those IUI’s were a bust. But when I started injectables with IUI we finally had our daughter. I think your plan of trying IUI’s is a good one!

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