AM or PM? Trust me it makes a difference!

Clomid ecardThis is my third IUI cycle, and the third time I’ve been on Clomid. I typically take my vitamins and Clomid at night, just before bed. The first 2 rounds I didn’t have many side effects, just a few migraines. Well, for whatever reason I decided that this cycle I would start taking my vitamins and Clomid in the mornings before work. In my mind (I realize this sounds ludicrous now) I decided that if I took Clomid in the AM rather than the PM I would be 1 day quicker growing the follicles. Well, what I didn’t count on was having worse side effects. I’m only on day 2 of Clomid now and I’ve already experienced hot flashes & nausea. Maybe by taking it at night I was avoiding all of this!Β Long story short, if you’re prescribed Clomid be sure to take it in the evenings!!

For those of you that have taken/are taking Clomid did you take it AM or PM? What side effects did you have?


47 thoughts on “AM or PM? Trust me it makes a difference!

    • Maybe that’s where I went wrong?!? Yesterday it wasn’t too bad, but today I feel awful. Was thinking after lunch I would feel better but I don’t!

      • I was told to take mine with breakfast. It was tricky for me as I am a smoothie girl for breakfast and even when I took it with only a smoothie I didn’t get any side effects. I had a headache a couple times but no major problems or hot flashes. I take my vitamins at night so I didn’t want to mess with those intermixing and causing problems. Try with food tomorrow!

  1. I’ve always taken in the pm because I’ve heard the side effects can be worse during the day and at night you get less (your asleep). Lol. I had hotflashes and a few headaches. Other than that nothing. Good Luck!

  2. I was only one Clomid for one cycle before switching meds but my dr. told me to take it at night for that reason! Trying to avoid the symptoms. They also told me to not take any other vitamin or medicine when taking the fertility meds in order for my body to only focus on absorbing the fertility medicine and nothing else. I have zero idea if this works but it’s what I followed lol No one can tell me I don’t follow instructions to the letter!!

    • I wish I had gotten that advice too. Interesting about not taking any other vitamins or medicines…..I’ve never heard that before. LOL, yes you do follow instructions!!

  3. I always took mine in the PM. I went through about 9 cycles total. 6 one year, then a break, then 6 more the mext year. I had all the crazy side effects. Hot flashes, mood swings, headaches, bouts of random crying, feeling exhausted, super high energy 2 hours later. We laugh now looking back on it. Ah, hormones. πŸ™‚

    • I certainly will be taking mine in the PM, should I have to do any more cycles. Did you notice the side effects getting worse with each cycle? Or did you always have all of those symptoms. Ahh hormones indeed. I told my hubby last night that he needed to be extra nice to me this week b/c I would be on Clomid. LOL.

      • I don’t remember my side effects getting worse, or more intense, but it took about 2 months for me to feel totally back to normal after the cycels were all over. That may have been in my mind, but a hot flash is a hot flash.

  4. My doc always told me to take them at night for this very reason – to try to avoid the worst of the potential side effects. I am not taking my letrozole at night for the same reason, though I think I have had fewer side effects on that vs. clomid, which gave me raging mood swings. Good luck to you.

  5. I took mine in the morning with my vitamins and didn’t have horrible side effects, just the normal ones. Nausea, tired, feeling like both dying and killing things. You know the norm. πŸ™‚

  6. I took mine in the AM, and I only had the side effects on my 3rd cycle on it when we had upped the dosage to 150mg (I didn’t respond to 50 or 100). Never even occurred to me to take it at night!

    • Well, all three times for me I’ve been on the same dose (100 mg)….so it’s probably not that. But I could see where increasing the dosage would increase the symptoms too.

  7. We tried Femara for two IUI cycles, which I realize is different, less side effects I’ve been told. I was always specifically told to take it in the evenings though… Maybe so we sleep through the side effects!

  8. AM – because like you, I thought it could bump my ovulation day up (or make it later if I took it at night). First month was horrible. As the months went on (3 for far), I’ve had less side effects. Most common are emotional, hot flashes, bloating.

  9. I always took it at night; my drs office always recommended night because they said I would prob sleep through any of the side effects. I woke up with night sweats and I would have headaches during the day; but that’s about it πŸ™‚ I think AM would be very risky πŸ˜‰

  10. I tried both, but I only really had symptoms the first cycle so taking it in the morning was okay for me. I admit I had the EXACT same thought about giving the follies more time, lol. I guess if that were a thing the RE would have told us, eh?!

  11. I asked to be put on some sort of drugs hoping it would help, our fertility specialist said no, since my cycles are normal. πŸ˜’…. I feel like drugs would help…. but I’m not the professional. I will be sure to ask you what time I should take them if and when I get any drugs

    Good luck Jen!

  12. So, clomid is kinda the devil in some ways. I always took mine in the AM, but I still had wicked hot flashes at night. No crazy mood swings (maybe they were already there πŸ˜‰ ), or headaches. With femara, the instructions are to take in in the evening. However I think that really has to do with the drowsiness side-effect. Hoping you feel better though! Or at least get lots of chocolate cake =)

    • I hope the femara treats you okay! Lol, for real about the cake. Have you seen those ecards that say, “starve the flu, feed a cold, give AF whatever she wants”? I feel like that should be rewritten wire clomid! I’m way hungrier of clomid than I ever have been on AF!

  13. Wow, I’m curious to try taking clomid at night for our upcoming 3rd IUI. I, too, take it in the morning and have horrid hot flashes (and some lovely personality flashes, too!) good luck this cycle.

  14. I’ve done both morning and evening and found the same as you. If I take the clomid in the AM I have major headaches and I’m very restless and it’s hard to focus. When I started taking it at night I found that I slept through any of those symptoms. Much better.

  15. Oh no! I’m from Atlanta, so we say “Bless your heart” which really means “that sucks”! I did evening for all three rounds and didn’t have many side effects at all. I did speak harshly to a co-worker one day…but I still believe that he had it coming. πŸ™‚ I have had the thoughts about whether or not I should switch time of day, but reading your post, I think I’ll stick to my routine. Good luck to you! Sending you baby dust!

  16. I was on clomid for six months and took it both am and pm and I never really noticed a difference. Then again, it never worked for me either. You could look into femera, it is similar but has less side effects (mind you that didn’t work for me either lol) Good luck.

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