BFP Goddess


I’ve been hearing and reading about fertility statues for some time now. They’re said to bring fertility juju to those who have them. They’re typically gifted to people, so I kind of figured it would be taboo to buy my own. After talking to an Instagram Infertility Sister she suggested that I DO buy my own, and after I get my BFP to pass it along to another infertility sister. They all have to get their start somewhere right?!? So I ordered a fertility statue today, should be here in a few days.

Hoping this statue brings many many BFP’s in its future!! Can’t wait to be able to pass this along, but until I do I’ll display it in our bedroom and touch it daily.


27 thoughts on “BFP Goddess

  1. I have a small token that has what I would say is a fertility goddess on one side and the word courage on the other. I bring it with me to our appointments. I love the concept of being able to pass a statue along. That’s awesome!

    • I just thought it would be a fun thing to share with my infertility sisters. I feel so close to so many of you through this blog world even though I don’t “know you in real life”. I think it would be a token of good luck to pass it along every time someone gets their BFP. Once I get my BFP I think I’ll just make a post, have anyone interested in receiving it comment, and I’ll just select one randomly to send my BFP statue to.

  2. this is great. it reminds me of when we were first trying i put the picture of the indiana jones fertility idol as our desktop picture for motivation and good luck LOL (google image it, it’s pretty incredible! maybe more so if you’re a movie nerd). i hope you’re statue brings you the best of luck!

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