One per vagina

We’re now in our 16th cycle of TTC, gosh I can’t believe it’s been that long! We had our second IUI today and I’m feeling pretty hopeful, 6 million sperm post-wash. Not super thrilled with that number, but it’s enough to do the job! I pray that it works! They say anything above 5 million is worth doing the IUI. Now onto the hardest part of TTC, the 2WW! Hoping the time will fly by and I’m rewarded with wonderful news at the end! Continue reading


Trigger shot in the middle of the night

I’ve never been crazy about giving myself my HCG trigger shots (I’m sure I’m not alone there) but when I found out for this IUI I would need to do it at 1:30 am I kind of freaked out more than last time. Because at that time of the night I couldn’t just drive down to my friends house and have her do it for me…..there would be no chickening out this time. We have friends visiting this weekend, and my girlfriend Amie offered to give me the shot if I wanted. I think just knowing this in the back of my mind caused me to chicken out. Continue reading