Not ideal, but it could work

This morning I went in for my CD15 follicle check ultrasound. I expected them to see a few good sized follicles and to tell me to trigger tonight or tomorrow…..meaning IUI Friday or Saturday….well that did not happen. Looks like I only have 1 good sized follicle….but there was fluid in my canal (pretty sure that’s the term she used). The fluid indicates that I could have already ovulated. I was pretty disappointed to hear this.

Next I had a sit down with my RE. He said since I still have 1 follicle we could still trigger today and do the IUI tomorrow, but it wasn’t ideal and we could cancel the cycle if we wanted to. I decided that since we already had a good bit invested (time and money) in this cycle I wanted to push forward and go ahead and have it. So I had to rush out of my appointment today, swing by my house to grab my trigger shot, then administer my trigger shot by 10:00 am. A friend of mine from work did the shot this time…..I didn’t even want to have to worry about it. It went seamlessly, we went into the conference room and locked the door, I mixed up the medication, dropped my pants, and 5 seconds later it was done. It really is a painless shot, I just get such bad anxiety at the thought of doing it myself. Tomorrow, R will drop off his sample in the morning by 8:00 am, and I’ll go in at 10:00 am for IUI #3. The reason we’re doing it 24 hours after trigger this time, when previously it was always 36 hours after trigger, is because I could have already ovulated. We want to catch as many eggs as possible.

Praying this is it for us! 🙂


30 thoughts on “Not ideal, but it could work

  1. Sorry for the disappointment at the doc’s office, but the picture you painted about dropping your pants had me laughing! Surely you had a female administer that shot 😉
    Fingers and toes crossed that IUI #3 works!

  2. Lots and lots of luck to you this cycle. I’ve heard of a lot of women getting pregnant at the 24 hour mark after trigger. You still have one follicle left! I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts and wishing for the best.

  3. Well, damn it all, dear body. Way to make things interesting. I am impressed with the work injection though!!! 3rd time is still the charm though…hope that wee egg does her job. I’ll be sending fertile vibes your way!!!!

    • LOL. Yea, right?!? I was pretty frustrated, but maybe it won’t matter. Maybe that one I had left will ovulate now and it’ll make a perfect little baby 🙂

      LOL, thanks. Since it was so rushed I KNEW I couldn’t do it on my own… nerves were shot. I was so shaky mixing up the meds. Thank you…I hope the third time is the charm for both of us! How are you feeling??

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