IUI #3 is in the books

We had our third IUI this morning and I feel really good about it. The sperm count was 9 million post wash, 60% motility, 12% morphology (the best numbers we’ve had with IUI to date). The motility needs to be above 50% and the morphology needs to be above 10%, so we’re good! And now we wait….

20140306-104748.jpgI’ve decided to do the pineapple thing in addition to my BFP GoddessΒ this cycle. LOL, I’ll take all the help I can get! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, eating a pineapple core after IUI/IVF/ovulation is said to help implantation. You have to buy a fresh pineapple, cut up the whole thing, cut up the core into 5 pieces, and eat one piece per day starting 1DPIUI. Hell, what could it hurt?!?

Speaking of the BFP Goddess. It arrived Tuesday and my husband thought I was completely off my rocker when I told him about it and showed it to him. Lol. Oh well, I love the idea.

For whatever reason I feel more at ease this cycle. Maybe I’m starting to be a little numb to the whole infertility journey, I’m not sure. R & I have been eating healthy & working out regularly since Sunday (yea I know big whoop….5 days)….but it’s really helped my mood. I just feel more “normal” again….which is an incredible thing. I’m not going to test out my trigger this cycle, but I can’t say for sure that I won’t test early. My goal is to hold out until at least 10DPIUI, but we’ll see. Also, I’m not going to avidly symptom spot……what I’ve learned is that EVERY month since starting TTC I’ve had “symptoms”, so it’s really just not even worth it to bother with them.

R & I were laying in bed last night watching TV and I said, “it’s crazy to think that this could all be over in just 2 weeks” (referring to the infertility journey). He said, “no, you mean 2 weeks + 9 months + 18 years, that’s when it’ll all be over!”. LOL ridiculous! I guess it’s good we can laugh about it. What else can you do?!

Hoping & praying that this is it for us and we’ll be having a little Thanksgiving baby in 9 months! πŸ™‚


51 thoughts on “IUI #3 is in the books

  1. Good luck!! I sure hope this is the cycle for you!

    I know you’re an early tester, but I really hope you TRY to wait until 12dpo if at all possible. I got a false negative at 10dpIUI on the cycle that resulted in my daughter, and it was SO horribly, needlessly crushing to get a false negative. I tested again at 12dpIUI and got a faint positive, but I tell ya, those 2 days of thinking it was a BFN again were horrible. :\

      • Oh for sure – It’s hard as hell to wait. πŸ™‚ I just always recommend waiting until 12dpo to ppl now b/c the chances of a false neg are SO much lower by then! EEK! So hopeful for you this time!

  2. I did the pineapple thing with my one and only IUI and it sure didn’t hurt. I ate the pineapple core each day for 5 days starting I think a day after the IUI and I just added the rest of the pineapple to my smoothies. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that this is it!

      • One pineapple makes up a bit more than 5 days, but you can use up whatever is left over in smoothies or something like that. I removed the skin from the whole pineapple and cut it into rings and stored it in a Tupperware in my fridge. Each day for those 5 days I would take one ring and cut out the core and ate that and I would use up the rest of the ring in a smoothie. Good luck!

      • I actually have one of those “fancy” pineapple cutters…..you cut off the top of the pineapple then screw this device all the way in, pull it out, and you have the core in the middle with the rest of the pineapple cut perfectly. Just chopped the core into 5 pieces and put it in a tuberware container. Snacking on a little pineapple now!

      • but isn’t it the toughest and most grainy part??! haha. Okay, i’ll stop the banter and buy the pineapple today as today is 1dpo for me!! good luck Jen. I look forward to hearing about IUI#3 for you!!!

  3. I did a revised version of the pineapple thing with my one ivf. I cut the core into pieces & ate the whole thing the day of transfer. Starting in the car on the way home. Yes, I literally packed a piece for the road πŸ˜‰
    Like you said, what can it hurt?

  4. Good luck!! My fingers and toes are crossed that this is the one for you! I have also decided to try the pineapple trick this round. See how it goes lol, can’t hurt to try πŸ™‚

  5. Good luck girl!! Its so funny, you know how you and I have the same cycles. Well, you also know that we are doing timed intercourse this month…. well, per my OPKs, today is O day!! Which is also your IUI day!! Same cycle!! You’ve inspired me to go buy pineapple today as tomorrow is 1dpo for me too. Looking forward to hearing more about your cycle!!

  6. Welcome to the 2 week wait. I did the pineapple thing but I really didn’t like the core so I just ate the pineapple. Figured it couldn’t hurt. Good luck!

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