BFN today, 11dpiui

I decided to take a test this morning. I had been doing so good this cycle up until today. With the 2 previous IUI’s I tested every day past my IUI to see when the trigger left my system, and once it did that second line never returned. Well I was greeted by a BFN this morning. I realize at 11dpiui I’m not completely out just yet….but I’m literally losing hope by the second. It is such a roller coaster of emotions one goes through on this infertility ride…..feeling pretty low today. I guess at this point I’ll just go ahead and test again every day until Thursday, when I go in for another appointment with my RE. If I get a positive HPT by then I’ll have my beta drawn, if not we’ll discuss our protocol for IUI #4, which shouldn’t be any different than the past since R is against using injectable medications.

The constipation has been just awful this cycle. About 8 days before I started taking the progesterone suppositories I started eating 5 prunes daily in preparation…..maybe they helped more than I know, but sure enough about 3 days after I started the progesterone I was so uncomfortable once again. I use my heating pad at night sometimes because the pain is so bad. I’ve been chugging water, as much as I can stand….but it’s not been very helpful either. Other than the constipation I’m having literally no symptoms, so really I have NO clue what’s going on inside of my body right now.


33 thoughts on “BFN today, 11dpiui

    • Thank you Elisha, I really appreciate it! I’m trying! Now I just wish I hadn’t tested. I was feeling pretty good until this morning.

    • Aww, thank you! You’re so sweet. You’re right, I know you are….just so tough seeing those BFN’s all the time. I hope you’re right!

  1. i’m keeping my hopes up for you. also, i am suffering from some severe “discomfort” as well since my surgery. i also thought i was doing well but for last 4 days i haven’t been able to breath and i have stabbing pains under my right ribs and on the left side of my abdomen. i’m going to try the heating pad idea you mentioned here… this is bordering on unbearable! hope you are feeling better soon! i’ll be thinking of you.

  2. You may have mentioned this before but why is R against injectables? Just curious. I agree with the rest that 11dpiui is still early. Fingers still crossed!!

    • Oh no worries. He’s terrified of multiples. Doesn’t make much sense to me, clomid alone raises our chances of twins to 10%, and injectables would be a 15% chance. I think he’d be okay with twins, but when our RE went over the chance of triplets or quads with injectables his mouth about hit the floor. Hoping you’re right and it’s still too early. Thank you!!

  3. hi 11dpo buddy!! I know what you mean. It is definitely too early and I know the anxiety can be mind boggling. Hang in there. Just a few more days!! That’s such a bummer that your RE is against injectables.

    • Hey lady, yea still a few more days! Have you tested yet? Or are you being a good girl? No, not my RE…..R (my husband) is against injectables. Either way, bummer.

      • Yeah, haven’t tested yet. I noticed last month when I didn’t test and I just tested on test day… it gave me more sanity. I typically get really depressed looking at a BFN even when it’s early. Sounds like your husband and my husband should get together (my husband is not on the IVF train). Hang in there sister!

      • Yea, I think I’m starting to feel that way. Yea, I bet that’s equally frustrating. You too, regardless of what happens we’re almost done with this 2WW. Really hoping we both get good news!

  4. Oh I’m so sorry! I’m still holding out hope for u! I’m so sorry you’re feeling lousy. That progesterone does wonders on ya. Ugh. I really hope you feel better soon and that N turns to a P!!!!!!! Please please please…

  5. Ah, lady, keep your head up! We are due for some good news in our little community and my hopes are to hear it from you both! Please know I am thinking of you and praying for you and really really hoping for those 2 pink lines.

  6. There’s still hope! 11dpiui is too early. Try to hold out for your beta. Have you tried prune juice? If you don’t like the taste you can mix it in with some orange juice. Other than that you can eat tons of fiber such as vegetables or you could try Metamucil. I hope things are moving better for you soon πŸ˜‰ I know that feeling just all too well…hang in there!

    • Hope you’re right!! I regretted testing right away. Yea I’ve tried that too, it’s gross but I just chug it, lol. I may grab some Metamucil next time I’m at the store!!! Thanks!

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