Cysts, again?!?

MjAxMy0xZjU2NjEwN2VmOGZmNzRjAt 12dpiui I took another HPT and it was negative, and I just knew that this cycle was over and IUI #3 had failed. I stopped taking my progesterone and had my follow up appointment this morning. They made me pee in a cup for a urine pregnancy test. Typical protocol, but just felt like a slap in the face….again. Then I met with my RE, he suggested we go ahead and do an ultrasound today to check for cysts to determine what we would do next. Looks like I have 2 cysts, so I have to take a cycle off. It doesn’t hurt or anything, but it definitely explains the twinges I’ve been feeling on my right side. AF should be showing up today or tomorrow (typically 2-3 days after I stop taking progesterone) and then on CD3 I’ll start taking Norethindrone twice daily for 2 weeks to help shrink the cysts…..same thing we did last time I had a cyst. I’m scheduled for a repeat ultrasound on 4/8, and if my cysts are better then I’ll stop taking the medication, AF will show a few days later and we’ll move onto IUI #4. My RE did suggest we up my Clomid dose from 100mg to 200mg for the next IUI, which I’m sure will also up the side effects of the medication….so I’ll start preparing myself for that!

So that’s it, now we wait….and now we won’t be having a baby until 2015 at the earliest. I’m pretty bummed, but I’ve just gotta dust myself off and keep on moving. I’m not giving up until I have my baby πŸ™‚


26 thoughts on “Cysts, again?!?

    • Thanks! Yea, it’s just disappointing. I thought we’d have a baby in 2013, then I thought we’d have a baby in 2014, now I hope we’ll have a baby in 2015. Hopefully so! Thanks again.

    • Thanks lady! Yea, no point in doing that. I am not Mary, I will not get pregnant through immaculate conception. LOL, R thinks that if we get pregnant this upcoming cycle we’ll be able to “get out of” going to Thanksgiving & Christmas!

  1. i’m so sorry. I’m in the same boat with you. That’s a bummer about the cyst. We must think alike though, because as I was driving into work this morning… I was thinking, I guess I can kiss a 2014 baby goodbye. πŸ™‚ Hang in there… i’m sure when your baby arrives she/he will be amazing!!

  2. i feel your pain… cysts are beyond terrible! i’m so sorry your IUI failed xox (i feel your pain there as well). i’ve been waylaid due a dermoid cyst (barf!) since last september but it’s finally gone πŸ™‚ you and i have dr. appointments on the same day to start up treatment again (we’ll be getting instructions that day for our second round of IVF). i’ll be thinking of you that day. good luck!

  3. Really? I am super disappointed and sad!!! But you are so strong and have such a great optimism. I love it, lady. You are absolutely right, the time will come and be all the sweeter for it. Thinking of you doll!

  4. AAHHHHHH!! I know first hand at how frustrating this is!! You face a BFN and then when you just want to move on, you can’t! I’m so sorry.. I’m so frustrated for you. When it happened to me, I cried for 2 days and I was beyond frustrated for the rest of the cycle! 😦 I’m so sorry.. Although 2014 is out, it isn’t really.. wouldn’t those Christmas pictures be super cute with a big belly?! Thinking of you.. 2014 still has the chance to be great. Hang in there.

    • No, I know 2014 isn’t out yet….I’ll be pregnant in 2014, just won’t have a 2014 baby like I thought. At the earliest I’ll have an EDD around Jan 15th if we get started on/around 4/8. Thanks, I really appreciate it. It is frustrating, but I’ll get through it.

  5. I had that 2015 moment when we moved into this break month. I was convinced 2014 would be THE year. Now I’ve realized the timeline is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter when, it just matters that we have a beautiful baby (hopefully soon though). Enjoy your break, but get ready to begin again. All we can do is keep moving forward.

  6. Hi there! I just started following (thanks for following me!) so forgive me if you’ve already touched on this in other entries and I just haven’t read them yet, but would you and your husband consider IVF? If we end up learning my hubby has sperm then in the future we’ll be trying a round of IVF with ICSI. But it sounds like R is producing enough sperm that you could just attempt a normal round of ivf?? I know the cost is higher than iui, but the iui’s sure add up fast!

    Good luck, sorry you have to take this month off. It’s the worst to watch another year go by that your baby won’t be born in. But 2015 is a great number! Sounds like a wonderful year to have a baby in. You have a fantastic attitude! Go pamper yourself! Get a pedicure and a massage and enjoy the spring weather πŸ™‚

    • Welcome! I found your blog from another one I follow, and am looking forward to following your journey. We know that IVF with ICSI would definitely be the most direct route, but hubby is very concerned about the price. We actually switched insurances this year and they cover 70% of our IUI’s, so they’re actually pretty affordable for us. Our RE feels confident that they will work for us, just no telling how many it’ll take to get there! Thanks, yes I plan to indulge in my time off!!

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