Just one of those days

R has a trial out of town this week, so left earlier today and won’t be back until Tuesday night…..leaving me all alone, with my thoughts. This trip couldn’t have come at a worse time for me, just feeling very low. Plus, tomorrow is the 6th anniversary of my mothers death, double whammy. I finally got out of bed as he was leaving earlier today, and did a bit of cleaning and organizing, then made a trip to target. Now I’m back at the house watching tv just waiting for bed. It’s ridiculous how much spare time I have sometimes, even with a full time job and grad school. I know I should enjoy this time while we still don’t have kids, but I resent it at times. I’ll be okay, tomorrow I’ll probably feel better, I know it’s just my hormones making me extra crazy today. AF started yesterday, today is CD2. I’m using a diva cup for AF this cycle for the first time, I plan to add a full review for those that might be interested…..but so far so good! Hoping for a good week!!

16 thoughts on “Just one of those days

  1. Awe. Hang in there girl. I know times seem tough, but know that there is always hope. God always has a plan for us and you’ll get your little family sooner than you think. Alone time is good. Talk to your mom, she is always with you and I’m sure she misses you. Today is my CD1, we always have the same cycles. What did you decide to do for this cycle? I’m trying to get a baseline u/s appointment with my RE. Hopefully we will know our next steps soon enough. Sending you a big hug. Xoxo

    • Thank you! You’re so sweet, your comment made me feel so good. I have to take this cycle off bc of my cysts. Will be starting IUI# 4 cycle probably around April 16th. Upping my dosage of Clomid to 200mg, everything else is the same. I’m a little anxious about the added side effects that will likely corm from a higher dose….but I can take it! Hoping your baseline scan goes well, thinking of you. Hugs to you too!!

  2. Oh, lady, I hope that you are feeling a bit better! I am so sorry that this all is hitting you right now, just when your man is out and about. It doesn’t help that AF, that dirty hussy, had to show up right now to add hormones to the mix. I am thinking of you, girl, and sending lots of love your way.

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