My Favorite YouTube Ladies

I can’t remember how found the YouTube world, but I’m so glad I did. Obviously I had heard of YouTube before, but I had no idea people vlogged (video blog). Turns out there are a ton of women who vlog about their infertility journeys, then go on to vlog about their pregnancies and motherhood. I find it all so fascinating and it’s just such great information. Plus, how neat would it be to be able to have everything on tape to be able to go back and view at a later date. I’m definitely not courageous enough to do this, obviously b/c my blog is anonymous, but I think it’s such a neat idea! There are several channels I keep up with, but these are by far my favorite YouTube ladies (in no particular order):

Jena Wright Someday Mama
Jena is absolutely adorable. I’ve been following her vlog & her blog for several months now. I found her under the tag “infertility” from wordpress, then started watching her vlogs. She’s currently going through her first round of IVF, and will be having her transfer probably today. Good luck Jena!! She and her husband have been struggling with infertility for several years now and have had many failed IUI’s, I’m hoping that IVF is the answer to their prayers. Her husband, Jason, is often a part of the vlogs and has even had his own vlogs from time to time. She always tells it like it is, and her videos are always funny too….the outtakes are my favorite part!

Jess PKyleandJessP
After trying for baby #1 for 4 years Jess and her husband Kyle were diagnosed with “unexplained infertility”. They had 2 miscarriages and 5 failed IUI’s, then fell pregnant on their first round of “Mini IVF”. They now have beautiful twin daughters that were born in November of 2013. I started following Jess’ story when she was just a few weeks pregnant, and loved following her pregnancy and now her updates on the girls. She’s a busy twin mom, but still finds time to vlog once a week-ish.

Crystal | The Redhead Files
After 8 years of struggling with infertility, Stage IV Endometriosis, multiple miscarriages, surgeries, and many failed IUI’s, she was successful on her first round of IVF and now has beautiful twin boys that were born in January of 2014. I started following her journey when she was gearing up for her first IVF cycle she vlogged the whole thing, from the injections, to the retrieval, to the transfer, then the pregnancy announcement. She’s also a very busy twin mom, like Jess P, but still finds time to update on the boys from time to time.

Beth is absolutely incredible. She’s always upbeat and positive, and I feel happy just watching her videos. She and her husband suffered two miscarriages and are now 11 weeks pregnant via their second round of IVF. In one of her early pregnancy vlogs she talked about how bad her morning sickness was, but that she loved every minute of it and was just so thankful to be pregnant. I admire her attitude, and love watching her vlogs.

Jonas & Jenn are such a sweet fun-loving couple. They struggled with infertility for 4 years, Jenn was diagnosed with PCOS and Stage IV Endometrosis, she had 2 surgeries for the Endo. They tried several Clomid rounds and 2 IUI’s with injectable medications. They finally had success on their second IUI and just gave birth to a beautiful baby girl 2 weeks ago. I love following their journey, they always vlog as a couple and it’s really neat to hear Jonas’ perspective on everything too.

Missy Lanning | The Bumps Along the Way | Daily Bumps
Missy & Bryan are such a fun couple. They actually produce daily vlogs, which can be a lot to keep up with at times, but I love watching them. They’re so entertaining, and I feel like I would definitely be friends with them in real life. They experienced a 20 week stillbirth and a miscarriage, and have been vlogging ever since. They now have a beautiful son, Oliver, (born August 2013) they’re pretty laid back and I totally dig their parenting style. I only recently found their channel, but love watching their daily vlogs.

So these are my top picks, check them out when you have time. They’ve been a great resource to me, and I now LOVE watching YouTube vlogs 🙂


8 thoughts on “My Favorite YouTube Ladies

  1. Aaaawwweeeee… Thank you so much. You’re too sweet to me. I truly appreciate the shout out, support and love you (and many other bloggers) have given to me. Thank you for the prayers and well wishes, they have made this difficult time so much easier. Xoxo

  2. Thanks for sharing 🙂 I enjoy watching them as well, but I couldn’t do one. I get so nervous on camera and I hate watching myself when it’s over :/ eekers!

  3. You are so sweet! Thanks for the little shout out and I wish you lots of luck as you travel your own road of Infertility and ttc, it is never easy, but I can say… One day, one day it will be alllll worth it!! I have been so lucky in the ttc community to have so much support along my journey and I can’t be more grateful for everything along the way, even through the hard times… their were reasons to smile. Thanks again 🙂 🙂

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