Injectable meds have been ordered!

repronexA representative from called me today to confirm my prescription, and for payment of course. He had the most adorable British accent (they’re located in Europe). Looks like I’ll be taking the generic of Repronex/Menopur, which is a hMG (Human Menopausal Gonadropin). I ordered 10 vials of the 75 IU, they were $25/each…..for a total of $299 including tax and shipping, and they’ll arrive by next Monday. The $299 price tag is without insurance coverage, unfortunately our insurance doesn’t cover injectables, but this would have cost $1,200+ if we bought the same medications in the US….so we’re very lucky our RE lets us order our medication from I’ll find out my exact protocol when I meet with my RE next week (4/8), they asked that I bring in the medication with me. R is going to try and be at that appointment too. Since this will be our first injectables cycle they have to go over everything in detail and will make us sign a release form stating that we understand the risks of multiples.

Now don’t get me wrong, I can think of a MILLION other things I’d rather spend $299 on, and I’m not thrilled at the thought of giving myself 10 shots in the next cycle (in addition to the HCG trigger shot), but I’m really excited!! 🙂


24 thoughts on “Injectable meds have been ordered!

  1. It IS exciting. I ordered my IVF drugs today too. We have to get excited about such things… Fertile women and men get to enjoy excitement with their baby making process, we should do our best to do the same (though we will never be able to compete with them in terms of fun and excitement 😋)

    • Yea, you’re right! This is the exciting time. Although I’m beginning to dread the actual injections. I’m hoping they tell me I can administer them during the day, so I can have my co-worker/friend do them for me. We, as infertiles, lose so much of the excitement of the whole TTC process… it’s good to be able to put a little back in!

  2. Super excited for you!! and also super jealous of your $299 price tag (I just picked up my meds last week and was hit with $1,600). But none the less, regardless of costs… we are all well on our way!!! I’m looking forward to hear your thoughts on the injectables. The scientist in me LOVES mixing the meds!!! haha!

    • Dang girl, yea that’s a big difference!! My RE’s office orders meds from Europe. Had I gotten those same meds from US it would have been about that, something to consider should you have to have another cycle. Will do! I enjoy mixing up my hcg trigger shot, but the actual shot makes me so anxious! All for a good cause though!!

      • Definitely a good cause. My last few shots have been a bit painful. But after I prick myself, I close my eyes and inject the meds. For some reason, it hurts less. Maybe i’m just mental. Haha. Enjoy!!

  3. goodluck! the needles are easy dont worry! and dont stress if you dont feel much at first. I am day 8 of Puregon injections today in prep for EPU either friday or monday and i only started t get achy ovaries last night xxx

  4. It IS kind of exciting… in our world lol! The drugs for our current cycle were delivered on my birthday… I do remember thinking that there were things I’d rather spend £500 on but hey… such is life 🙂
    Btw…. I also have an adorable British accent!

  5. I ended up spending thousands on my full injects cycle because I had to do three vials a day but it was worth it because that was the one. (I had to buy them from RE so not great pricing). Good luck!

    • Absolutely, if it works I’d do anything/pay anything too!! Ugh! Yes, I consider myself very lucky that my RE’s office offers us this option. They really are a great office, they’re more concerned with me getting pregnant than them making a big paycheck! They’re all about helping me save money during this expensive process. Thank you!!

  6. Just wanted to say you can totally do your injections. It is not nearly as bad as it seems in your head. I actually found the process really empowering. I’d definitely try it yourself, because you never know when others won’t be around to help. All the best to you!

    • Very true! I plan on trying it myself, I’ve heard the injectables are “easier” than the trigger shot… we’ll see!!

  7. Oh wow, that’s a great price. I spent a little over 2600 on this round of IVF meds. I’m currently on day 5 of injections. The subq injections are easy. But I am getting sore now. Good luck!

    • Yea, I’m super excited about the price. I imagine if we move onto IVF it’ll be more, but hopefully not TOO much more. Glad to hear it, so far I’ve only had to do the HCG trigger shot which has to be IM. Sorry you’re sore, hopefully you’re almost done with your injections for this cycle. Good luck to you too! Thanks!

      • I did three rounds of IUI and the meds were only about $200 total for all three. Much less. I’m about half way done with injections. I’ll know more tomorrow after my appointment.

  8. Our last IUI didn’t work so IVF is our next step. I’m glad you posted this…definitely going to take to my doctor about and see if we can order here too! Good luck!

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