I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

250499336_640Now before you go getting all excited I’m not talking about me, I’m talking about the TV show on TLC & Discovery Health. The show is about women who carry their babies all the way to delivery with no idea that they were ever pregnant. It just seems so unreal to me, I just don’t get it. The women are normally a little heavier, and some are older so they don’t get regular periods….but still, for 9 months how did you not know you were pregnant?!? Some of them even have other children, so they should have known how to recognize certain symptoms along the way. Not to mention, every one of the episodes I’ve seen the babies are always healthy even though the mother’s didn’t have any prenatal care and weren’t taking prenatal vitamins.

I heard on the radio last week that there was one of these situations here locally. The radio hosts were joking that they don’t know why the church doesn’t get involved in cases like this and claim immaculate conception, lol. I thought that was pretty hilarious.

Apparently there are enough of these situations to make a whole tv show about it, just seems so far fetched to me. What do you think? Have you ever known anyone in this type of situation?


28 thoughts on “I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

  1. I used to watch the show… I can’t understand how this can happen either. And no, I don’t know anyone but I’d love to find one so I can ask them how the heck they missed it!

  2. Ha! I was wondering that myself! How on earth can you not know that you are pregnant? Ok…maybe you don’t have morning sickness or heartburn, but your figure will change whether you are fat or slim. And it seems that the ones that do take one or numerous pregnancy tests don’t seem to be capable of using them correctly as they always get negative results. And the babies are always just fine without prenatal care, drinking, smoking, flying and who knows what. I sure as hell know that I’m pregnant and even if I didn’t go through all the IUI stuff I would know that something’s off. Go figure!

    • LOL. Yea, right?!? How likely is it that all of those women just had the easiest pregnancy ever?!? I’ve heard with a tilted uterus you’re less likely to show, but I’m sure you still have a bit of a belly near the end. How could you not?

  3. When we went for a tour of L&D last fall, there was a girl in our group who had just found out she was pregnant and she was further along than I was. I can only assume what tipped her off was the HUMAN KICKING HER RIBS. she was almost seven months pregnant. I was totally fascinated.

  4. A friend of a friend found out she was pregnant at 7 months. She already had a little girl. The friend thought she was just gaining weight, and was even taking a bunch of diet pills. Supposedly, it’s a healthy baby. I’d be curious to find out what these kids are like when they start school and if there are developmental issues. Then again, women existed for centuries without prenatal care. So…?

    • Jeez! Diet pills?!? Those things contain a lot of caffeine. Crazy that her baby was completely healthy. LOL, yea for sure….back in the day it was normal to smoke and drink while pregnant and everyone turned out alright then.

      • The body is crazy. I’m pretty sure my grandma, who had 7 kids, smoked and drank and ate sushi all the way through all her pregnancies. Kids? All fine. Well, kind of. My dad has some emotional connection problems, but he’s a functioning person in society.

      • For sure! It’s so “funny” that it just used to be like that. And now we have to be so careful when we’re pregnant, no lunch meat, no sushi, no smoking, no drinking, no hot tubs….lol.

  5. One of my best friends had a baby and didn’t know she was pregnant. We were 18 and high school seniors. Also, she was a size 6 and we were prom dress shopping 2 weeks before that and I had NO IDEA. Her daughter was full term and perfectly healthy. She was on BC pills the entire time – had some spotting – but didn’t think anything of not having regular periods at that age. She also had a retroverted uterus so she gained maybe 10#. Had low back pain, but she worked at a local nursing home and figured it was from lifting the elderly ppl… so ya, that show drives me nuts b/c everyone is so overweight and seemingly clueless… but then again, it happened to my friend Carrie…

  6. I really think that half of the content for these types of TLC shows is staged/Made up/embellished. I just can’t bring myself to buy into it. I mean, I’m sure these crazy things happen, but this often? I’m not sold.

    • I wouldn’t be surprised! I have a friend who knows someone who was on that House Hunters show and they said it was completely fake. They had already bought their house, and the houses they toured weren’t even available for sale….it was all just for TV.

  7. One of my husband’s friends wives didn’t find out until 4 months along. I was shocked. I could see 8 weeks – you know, you skipped 2 periods and thought wtf? but not 4 missed periods!

  8. I have known similar situations, finding out at 7 months, etc. I always secretly hope I am one of those who doesn’t miss a “miss a period” or have symptoms but one day goes into labor…that’s super far fetched though.

  9. I have a friend who is 26, a little heavy and doesn’t gave regular cycles discover she was pregnant at 16 weeks. The only reason she found out was because she was in so much pain on night that she went to the er. That’s when she learned she was pregnant and getting ready to give birth. She was miscarrying :/

    • That’s crazy! So sad for your friend, maybe it would have happened regardless but I bet she beats herself up for not having prenatal care. I know I would!

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