How do you even open these?!???!

My injectable meds for my upcoming IUI arrived today, which was exciting BUT the package didn’t contain any needles or syringes (which I told them I DID need) and it’s in these weird looking vials that I don’t even know how to open. I phoned my RE’s office and left a voicemail (since it was after hours) and told them my concerns. Since they regularly use this pharmacy I’m certain this isn’t the first time this has happened and I’m sure they’ll set me straight. I’m not stressed, it’ll still be a week to two weeks before I even need to use the medication…..was just a bit weirded out.



14 thoughts on “How do you even open these?!???!

  1. i don’t know if it helps at all, but when I first got my meds I googled it and they had a video on how to mix it, use it, inject it. I know you don’t have the syringes/needles now… but it may help to help prepare. plus i’m sure you’re super excited!

  2. I would try to google it, Im sure your not the only one with that question and there has to be someone out there whom video tapped it Lol : ) Good Luck

  3. They look like ampules – where you need to just snap the neck off – weird. Looking forward to hearing how you actually do use them 🙂 Best of luck on this cycle!

  4. Yep, they are ampules. That is what I always used and I was never any good at snapping them, DH always did it. I bought syringes, swabs, mixing needles at the pharmacy. I am sure your clinic will show you….good luck!

  5. We had the same ones!! They’re so weird. You have to snap the neck off, our office told us to put a towel around the top so you don’t cut yourself. They’re glass. Good luck. I shattered them every time.

  6. I just ordered these from them about 10 days ago. How long did it take to receive your order? I’m a little nervous about receiving it in time. I don’t need it for about 4-5 weeks, but I’m still nervous, because I have never order from overseas before.

    • This was my first time ordering from overseas too……since you don’t need yours for 4-5 weeks you should be fine, mine arrived about 2 weeks after I ordered. The time it took to ship was definitely worth the savings to me!

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