Selective reduction & OHSS

So after my mild freak out Friday I actually was able to relax and have a wonderful weekend. I was thinking about how calm I’ve been lately, but I”m sure it’s just because we’ve “been on a break”. I’m sure that all of this calm will go out the window as soon as our next cycle starts. Guess we’ll see. Lately, instead of just praying that God will bless us with a child, I’ve been praying for peace. Maybe it’s helping.

My IUI nurse called me back this morning to set me straight on my medications. She said just what all of you suggested, that you take a paper towel/alcohol wipe and break off the tip of the ampules to access the medication, also when they order from they can’t send needles through customs which is why my package didn’t have any. She said she would have my RE call in a prescription to my local CVS for my needles and sharps container. She also asked if we had signed the consent yet for the injectables? I was a little upset at this question, because I just had an appointment last week….and he said nothing about it, but I need to just let that go. Our RE will want to talk to us about how they recommend selective reduction if we get pregnant with more than triplets and the possibility of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome (OHSS). That appointment is this Thursday at 11:30 am, hoping it doesn’t freak out R too much. Please pray for him!

I also found out that the hMG is an intramuscular (IM) shot, which means butt or thigh with a 1.5 inch needle like the HCG trigger shot…..I wasn’t too excited about that. I was okay with the idea of giving myself a subcutaneous shot in the stomach for 5-10 days, but I’m a little freaked out about the IM shots. I’m going to try not to stress over it though, I’ll either work up the strength to do it myself or I’ll have a friend do it for me, it’s not a big deal!

I’m going to take my last dose of Norethindrone tomorrow evening, and hopefully will be getting my period around Thursday or Friday of this week, so we should be getting started with our IUI #4 cycle very soon!


15 thoughts on “Selective reduction & OHSS

  1. I am hoping this all goes perfectly! I totally missed the last post, but had to giggle because the morphine we use for the critters comes in those glass vials. Just be careful not to cut yourself when opening them. I always wrapped the top half, above the score, with a tissue and just popped it open. You have to do a bit of adjusting of the vial to get all the meds too. And IM shots sound awful. Way awful. But you are going to rock it as usual!!!

    • LOL, if it was morphine I might be a little more excited to give it to myself. Okay, will do….thanks for the tip! It really helps knowing doctors & nurses on this journey!! Thanks for your confidence, I really appreciate it!!!

  2. Just to weigh in. . . I did IM shots in my thigh and I literally could hardly feel them. Of course my experience may not be yours but just to give you some peace.

    • Thank you!! My HCG trigger shots are IM too and you’re right, they really don’t hurt at all, it’s just the thought of giving myself shots just weirds me out.

    • We’ve told him from the start we are not interested in SR….but it’s just their protocol. We have to sign a waiver that we understand the risks, blah blah blah. I guess it’s just part of the process. Thanks!!

  3. Glad the freak out is resolved!

    At my clinic they only do iui if there are 2 or less follies and with ivf they only return one emby: maybe there are options that Emmy require SR?

    • LOL thanks! Do you guys have any sperm issues? At our office they only let you get more than 3 follicles if you have sperm issues….but multiples are still possible.

  4. I hear you on the calm during breaks. It’s amazing how it goes right back to crazy time when a new treatment cycle begins. Good luck with this cycle!

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