IUI #4, here we go!

Today’s appointment was such a waste, there’s no reason it couldn’t have been tied into the appointment I had last Tuesday…..and R didn’t even really have to come with me (even though he did). With the dosage of hMG I’ll be taking my RE said the likelihood of OHSS is slim to none. Then we went over the statistics regarding multiples AGAIN. Jeez, if we talk about it one more time I think R will get cold feet and back out. He gave us a consent form to take home and read over and bring back on my next appointment…..about the medication, what it does, and the chance of multiples. Did you know that hMG, the injectables I’m going to be taking, is purified urine from postmenopausal women?!? How gross is that?!?

So I stopped taking the Norethindrone this past Tuesday. I’ll begin taking Clomid (100 mg/daily) on Tuesday, April 22, for 5 days, then on Saturday, April 26 I’ll begin giving myself my injections (75 IU/day). My RE wants to see me back for an ultrasound after I’ve had 4 doses of the injectables to see how I’m responding since this is my first time using the medication, so I have an appointment on April 30th for that. At that point he’ll either have me keep taking the hMG, stop, or adjust the dosage. I’ll likely have IUI #4 on or around May 6th.

So, here’s what IUI #4 looks like:


18 thoughts on “IUI #4, here we go!

    • It’s totally doable, but it’s hard psyching yourself up to do them sometimes. Honestly, they don’t hurt one bit….it’s just the jabbing yourself in the thigh thing that is mentally hard….and I’ve heard the hMG burns once you start pushing down on the plunger. I just have to keep reminding myself WHY I’m doing it in the first place, and it’s all worth it.

  1. Oh friend.. I feel ya… I’m taking shots too, but not the pee kind. I’m more of a lets-do-this-and-dont-pee-on-it! type of gal.. (jk).. The shots arent bad at all!! What are you using to trigger? I did Ovidrel and I hope its a wonder shot.. Im tired of this SH*T!Can I swear in here?

    Anyways, just wanted to wish you luck and say you’re not alone, Im right (down) there with you! Wishing you all the luck and so much baby dust you’ll choke!! XOXO + Aloha

    • LOL!! I use Novarell (which is the generic form of Ovidrel, but you have to actually mix it first, which totally makes me feel like a doctor).

      Yes, please feel free to swear on my blog…sometimes we have to! LOL. Thank you so much!! Much love & luck your way too.

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