CD11 Follicle Check

I had an ultrasound this morning (CD11) to take a look at how my follicle(s) were coming along. They wanted me in after just 4 days of my hMG injections, because they were unsure of how my body would react since this is my first time with the injectables.

I have 2 good sized follicles on my right side (18 & 19), and several smaller ones on the left (but they’re likely too small to catch up). I was a little disappointed, I was hoping for more….since I’ve been having 2-3 on Clomid alone. My RE said not to get discouraged, that even with “just two” we have a much better shot this time with the addition of the injectables. So, I’m going to keep doing the hMG injections and I have another ultrasound scheduled for Friday. He said we’re planning for the IUI on Sunday…but will know for sure at Friday’s appointment.


26 thoughts on “CD11 Follicle Check

  1. That’s great! I can totally understand the disappointment though. Hopefully with the injectables produced higher quality eggs than the clomid alone giving you a better shot 🙂 Thinking about you! xoxo

  2. I’m CD 11 today, too! I just triggered tonight and will go for my IUI on Friday. I only have one follicle this time, and I’m so disappointed–we were hoping for 3-4.

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