Maybe it’s just me…

…but these shots don’t get any easier. I KNOW they don’t hurt, it’s just the mental hurdle of giving myself a shot! Jeez!!!!!!!!!??!!???!

Today, when I got home from work I prepped my meds and attempted to give myself my shot. That didn’t work, so I decided to have a glass of wine, then another….it didn’t seem to help. It seems silly, I know, obviously I know I’m doing this for a good reason….and it’ll all be worth it in the end, but for whatever reason I just couldn’t do it. Finally, I called my friend in tears and asked if she could help…..she said she’d be right over, and I couldn’t have been happier. I was fully prepared to drive to her house, or meet her out somewhere…..but it was so sweet of her to offer to come over. Thank you Melissa!!! My anxiety just got the best of me.

I had her inject me, but then I pushed the syringe and made the medicine release……idk, just needed to be a part of it. Maybe it’ll help prepare me for tomorrow’s shot.

Now I’m worried for the rest of my shots, including my trigger which I’ll probably need Friday night. If I had to have help today I’m assuming I’ll need help then too….ugh, I’m so frustrated with myself.

Has this ever happened to any of you?!?

25 thoughts on “Maybe it’s just me…

  1. I definitely have my days where it takes more nerve than others. Today when I had to inject myself twice (b/c the cartridge ran out). I almost couldn’t do it. I managed, but I totally get what you are saying, it doesn’t hurt-it’s just the process of it all I think. Hoping this cycle is all the shots you need!

  2. I just picked up my meds and was taken aback by all the needles. I knew they’d be there.. Big it still startled me. I start injecting on Friday, and know I won’t be able to do it myself. Hubby will definitely be doing all of it!

  3. oh man. i totally get that feeling. one day, when i was already a few days into my injections, i came home from work and thought i’d just do my shot right away and be done with it. i stood in the kitchen with the needle hovering over my belly for 10 mins and just couldn’t do it. i realized i actually needed time to unwind, mentally prepare and then go for it. it’s surprising how much we can work ourselves up about things. good luck with the rest of you shots. deep breaths. you can do it!

    • Glad to hear I’m not alone! Yes, maybe you’re right…..I didn’t give myself to unwind either. Will try something different tomorrow!

  4. I start on Monday….I’m not scared of injections…I don’t fear that it will hurt, but I’m scared I can’t because I’m piercing myself!! My OH can’t help coz he is terrified of needles!! Keep going girlies xxx you are so strong…I hope I can do it!! I have my best friend on standby who is a nurse, just in case!! Xxx

  5. This is like deja vous.. I remember about the first two injectable cycles were pretty rough giving myself the shots. I would count to 3.. then to 6… then to 30… and then I would just start crying and wonder if I would be able to do it. One time it took me about 15 min to actually get the nerve to give myself the shot. I slowly learned, at least for me, counting was bad. I did better not thinking about it. Once I drew up the meds in the syringe, I puckered my lips together and just went for it… much more success. Are you giving the shots through the stomach or outside of your thigh? I did all my injectable cycles in my belly. Once I reached IVF stage I gave myself one shot through the stomach and the other through the thigh. I found the thigh is a better area than the tummy… I think the muscle mass helps with not feeling the shot as much? Maybe check with your dr to see if you could maybe try the thigh instead. I am now gearing up for FET and I’ve only done my Lupron shots through my thigh.. I like it a lot more.

    But just hang in there.. I can honestly say it really does get easier with practice. However, I am hoping this is the only cycle you will need and you won’t need to practice anymore!!!! πŸ˜‰

    • I’m so happy to hear it’s not just me!! I’m doing mind in the thigh too. the counting is bad for me too. Good luck with your FET!! Thank you, I hope so too!!!

  6. After three rounds of IVF stims, shots of blood thinner every day with my pregnancy, and then insulin three times a day for GD my last 12 weeks — I can officially say I’m cured of my fear of needles. It gets easier, and if you’re lucky you don’t have to worry about it for too long. Totally worth it in the long run!

  7. Just do it. Don’t think, just DO it.

    I’m terrified of needles. Wanted my husband or mom to do it. But I had to trigger on a class night so I had to do it alone in a bathroom stall at school. By myself. I overthought it so much. But once 10:00PM rolled around I just thought, “Baby.” And WHAMMO. I just did it.

    Nike. Just do it. ❀

      • I totally get it. I walked in that bathroom stall at like 9:50 and the whole 10 minutes I was thinking and thinking and thinking about it. Hell, the whole DAY I had been thinking about it! It’s not easy!

  8. I would always remember that I’m wayyyyy bigger than that needle and even if it hurts, its only going to be for a couple seconds. I’ve had period cramps that were worse pain than even my worst shots. And, its for the greater good. If I can pinch myself, I can take a shot. I would tell myself that some people have to take insulin shots every day. Even little kids.
    It took time to get used to it though. I would have to pep talk myself from time to time. I ended up on shots from dec-oct with 1 day off. Sure wasn’t expecting that!! But I’ve never given myself an IM shot. DH gave me those. That would be another pep talk entirely! Lol.
    You don’t need to get used to it though. We want this month to be THE ONE!!!! πŸ™‚

    • Very true! Now, me on the other hand I’ve never done a SQ shot….so I don’t have anything to compare it to, but yea the IM shots are a bit intimidating. Hope you’re right and I don’t need to get used to this!

  9. I’ve stared at the needle in my hand a few times, but then I try to remember it’s way worse in my mind than actually giving myself the shot. And it does get easier. Don’t be so hard on yourself, this isn’t something everyone does!

  10. Yes- completely normal to have that reaction right before administering. When I was going through it- I had a few “frozen” moments- but I just forced myself to go through the motion picturing the end result…my baby in my arms. You can do it!

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