CD13 Follicle Check

This morning I had another ultrasound to check on my follicles. The two on the right are now 23’s, and just like he suspected none on the left are big enough….but he said I should be very happy with the 2 on my right. They’re a perfect size, perfectly round,ย and my uterine lining looks perfect. So we’re all set to go for IUI #4 on Sunday at noon…..which means I’ll do my trigger shot tonight at midnight… more hMG injections. We’re going out with some friends tonight, and I’ll likely have my girlfriend just give it to me in the bathroom. I hope wherever we go there is a private bathroom….or maybe I’ll just have R stand outside and “guard the door” until we’re done….lol, the things we have to go through to make a baby.

photoOne thing I thought was pretty weird is that my RE gave me a vial of “sperm washing medium”, and gave me instructions of how to start the sperm washing at home on Sunday. R is supposed to give me his sample by 9:30 am, then we let it sit at room temperature for 30 minutes. At 10:00 am I’ll mix the sample with the vial of sperm washing medium and “swoosh” it around….then keep the sample at room temperature until I go in for my IUI…I need to arrive by 11:30. Has anyone else had to start the washing process on their own at home?

My RE’s office is a “teaching office”, so they always have lots of doctors in training….and they always ask if I mind if they sit in on our visits. Of course I don’t mind at all, so I always say yes. Well today, I had a younger female doctor that sat in with us. She did my ultrasound, then sat in on the meeting too. She was so sweet, had the best bedside manner….and was just so genuinely excited for me.ย I think she may have been more excited than I was! Hoping & praying that this is the one for us!

42 thoughts on “CD13 Follicle Check

    • YA!! Yes, that would be wonderful…..assuming the pregnancy went well. From what I’ve read when sperm naturally enters the body it goes through it’s own “washing” process, so that’s why they have to wash it before IUI b/c they skip so many steps and just put it straight in your uterus. If they put the whole sample (pre-washing) into your uterus you would get very sick.

    • Sorry to jump in on this convo. Jen I’ve been following you for the past couple months and its answered so many of my questions. We are doing our 1st IUI monday morning so to have you just a day ahead of me has helped with lots of questions. We are also suffering from MFI and from what I understand my husbands sperm will be washed to get the normal & strongest ones he has. Along with a low sperm count he has a very low morphology & motility count so for us its to narrow down to the very strongest sperm and give them the best chance possible.

      • I’m so happy to hear that! That’s exactly why I started this blog! Best of luck with your IUI too, it’ll be nice to have a cycle buddy, maybe it’ll make our wait a little easier? LOL, prob not. MFI is the worst isn’t it?!? Yes, sounds right…..the wash will separate the good ones from the bad ones. How exciting!

  1. never heard of starting the process at home… but i have also never done IUI (straight to IVF). congrats on the perfect eggs. good luck!

  2. I am so happy that you have two perfect looking follicles! That’s great news ๐Ÿ™‚ I have never heard of starting the sperm wash at home… that’s super interesting. I can’t wait to hear how your experience with it goes. Good luck girl!

  3. G’luck! I am new to learning about the IUI process and the whole concept of “sperm washing” is new to me! I never even knew there was such a thing.

    • Thank you!! From what I’ve read it’s a necessary part of IUI because naturally sperm looses the seminal fluid as it makes its way up to the uterus….so they have to take it out when doing the IUI. It’s such an interesting process.

  4. Yay for 2 follies and great lining!!! Praying this is the one for you! I’ve also never heard of starting the sperm washing at home. My DH probably wishes we could do that, lol. Our office makes him come in to give the sample about an hour before I’m due to come in for the IUI. We are going to be just over a week apart in our 2ww.

    • LOL, yea really! I bet giving your sample in one of those sterile rooms is about the most mortifying thing ever. Sweet, hoping for excellent news for both of us!

  5. I’ve done 4 IUIs and never washed it at home…But at least you know there isn’t a lab error with mixing up your husband’s sperm! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thinking lots of good thoughts for you and your beautiful eggs!

    • Same here, this will be my 4th….and this is the first time I’ve heard of it. Maybe because it’s on the weekend they need me to do some of the work too? LOL. Not sure! Thank you!

  6. I’ve never heard of DIY sperm washing.. Then again I hadn’t heard of it at all until about 2 months ago. Haha way to take the scientific magic out of it, like I had been envisioning. Glad you have some decent sized follicles!

  7. This is so exciting!! I actually laughed about the washing at home. Very interesting, but can’t hurt. I am crossing all the the digits I have for you! I really, really hope that this is the one!!!

    • LOL. Weird right?!? I’m worried I’ll mess it up, but they way they described it it sounds pretty full proof. I wonder if things will be any cheaper since I’m “washing it myself”. That portion of my IUI’s costs $290. THANK YOU!!! I hope so too!!!!

  8. YAY!! Will be sending prayers and positive thoughts to you – I haven’t heard of the sperm washing starting at home but it could be something new – who knows ๐Ÿ™‚

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