IUI #4

IUI #4I’m currently laying at a declined position “basting”…..just had my IUI a few minutes ago. Things couldn’t have gone any better. I had a little discomfort when the doctor cleaned off my cervix and inserted the catheter, but nothing out of the ordinary. I was really nervous about washing the sperm myself at home, but I guess it was fine. The sperm count was 17 million today!! I cried as they told me the results, I was just so happy. That’s the highest it’s ever been! This was our 6th time we’ve had a sperm analysis, and before this the highest number we had was 10 mil, so quite an improvement. Honestly, I don’t think R has been doing anything differently…..I think it was just a coincidence. It just feels like everything is falling into place though!!! Hoping & praying we just made a baby, or two 😉

Thanks to everyone for their kind words of support…..it means so much to me. Hopefully I have good news to share in 2 weeks!!



38 thoughts on “IUI #4

      • I must have been interrupted while reading your last post because the trigger in the bathroom totally rang a bell. Very interesting this whole at-home sperm washing. Every doctor, every clinic, every woman has such different experiences. I will be thinking of you these next two weeks!!

  1. So I did my first IUI this morning. Just kind of felt uncomfortable the entire process with slight cramping. Now just to find ways to keep busy till the 19th when I can take the test. Just praying these little spermies swim their little hearts out and make it! I’ll make sure to pray for yours too!

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