I’d like to think I’m experiencing implantation cramping right now (even though it’s probably too early for that). It’s not too bad, but it’s steady cramping/throbbing/pulsing on my right side, which is where my 2 beautiful follicles were.

I’m also trying to remind myself this feeling feels very similar to what I felt like about this time after my first IUI, and it was really just my cyst that was cramping/throbbing.

It’s basically impossible not to get your hopes up during the 2WW. One more week until I’ll know for sure! Praying this is it!!


11 thoughts on “6dpiui

  1. My acupuncturist told me to lay down in bed and take deep belly breathes and thinking about creating a happy
    Place for a little embryo. If nothing else, it kept me grounded several times a day which can’t help hey?
    Good luck!

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