Heart rate monitor

heart rate monitorIn case you were wondering how I came up with the “calories burned” part of my last post I use a heart rate monitor, the Polar FT4. There’s a strap that goes around your chest, just under your bra, and a watch that you wear while you’re working out. It tracks your heart rate through your workouts and calculates calories burned. I bought it years ago when I was “getting serious about losing weight” and only used it a handful of times. I’m back to using it now, and it’s incredible seeing the amount of calories I’m burning during my insanity workouts. It’s also motivating, because when I’m close to a big number I push harder to make it shoot up. The workouts are really tough, but it makes me feel like I’m really tackling this weight loss like a boss….plus it makes me want to eat less bad foods. Who wants to burn 588 calories in a workout only to stuff their face afterward? NOT THIS GIRL!! Just thought I’d share, if you’ve been thinking of getting one I highly recommend it.

I also use an app called Run Keeper to log my walks and workouts….for my insanity workouts I just log them manually, choose “circuit training”, then enter the length of the workout and calories burned…..and it syncs directly with MyFitnessPal which is pretty awesome (you have to manually set this up for them to sync with each other).


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