Insanity Fit Test #2

Yesterday was my husband’s birthday. Instead of going out to dinner he wanted to grill burgers at the house. I went to the grocery store after work, got home and made dinner. We had cheeseburgers with a side spinach salad (which kept me within my calorie goal for the day)…it was delicious!! After we finished R asked if I was going to do my insanity workout, and I said “no”. He suggested that I should, that I would feel much better when I did….because I was kind of in a funk yesterday. So I went ahead and did it. It was my second fit test, so it’s a short workout….and he was right I felt so much better when I finished. Although I felt like I was going to vomit the whole time because of the cheeseburger I ate for dinner, but I kept it all down lol. Just wanted to share my results….I improved in every workout. (I don’t do the power jumps, they’re too hard on my knees so I just do power knees with my other leg, and for the push up jacks I just do “girl push ups” because I’m not in shape enough to actually do push up jacks).



16 thoughts on “Insanity Fit Test #2

  1. Whoo hoo! Great job girl! I’m also proud of you for doing the workout and not picking up a bag of frozen fries while at the store because I totally would have skipped the workout and bought the fries. hehe

    • It’s so tough!! But I just keep reminding myself of my goal this summer. I’d really like to lose some weight before we start trying again, because I know I’ll add on a few lb’s with the meds again.

  2. You go Jen! I wish I could do Insanity or P90X or something… I gained 20 Lbs since last year and my clothes are so tight LOL My bad knee makes it hard… Is this test measuring what you can do in 1 minute for each of those things? That’s a good way to do it!! Hope you’re seeing the results you were hoping for!! xox

    • Infertility is tough!! I’m sure your knee doesn’t help. Yes, with insanity you do a fit test every 2 weeks to gauge your progress.

  3. Good job! Kate (my wife) was doing these before our wedding for a few weeks, that shit looks hard. I’m a naturally lazy person so yoga and Pilates are my activity….even then I rarely do it.

    • Thanks!! Yea, it’s def no joke! Lol, well those are good exercises too. I’m naturally lazy too, it’s hard motivating myself sometimes!!

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