How much do infertility treatments cost?

money ppppInfertility testing and treatments can add up so quickly. I’ve kept track of all of our costs, just for informational purposes and just wanted to share….for those of you interested, and those of you that might be just starting out on  your journey, just as an idea of what to expect. We have decent insurance, and they’ve covered a decent bit of everything we’ve tried so far, but we’re still out of pocket a good bit….with all of the beginning infertility testing, 4 IUI’s (1 with injectables), and a surgery. For an up-to-date chart you can always check out the “infertility costs” tab on my blog….but here’s a list of what we’ve spent so far:




32 thoughts on “How much do infertility treatments cost?

  1. It’s always so interesting to see how much different places charge (and wow – you have pretty great insurance coverage! – not to say that being $6k in doesn’t suck). Ours paid for almost nothing, so the fertility testing workup + 1 IUI put us $10k in. Ouch.

    Also, I agree with the commenter above – $200 for a urine pregnancy test? We do those at our clinic (that I work at) all the time, and I think they’re $20 and cost us even less than that. What a ridiculous markup!!

    I’m hoping that after your break this summer the next IUI is it for you!

    • Holy hell, $10k just for fertility testing and 1 IUI… that blows, and makes me feel better about the $6k we’ve paid…lol. You’re right, it is crazy to see the price differences of places and insurance coverage. Either way you look at it $200 for a urine pregnancy test is just bonkers, I mean seriously….I had to check in with the receptionist, pee into a cup, then someone had to look at it and determine I wasn’t pregnant then they sent me off for my HSG test. Seriously!! Thank you, I hope you’re right!!!

      • What do we know when we are going through it all, you know? I place responsibility on the doctors. They need to know when it’s time to move on to IVF.

      • Well, like I said….knowing what I know now we should have just started with IVF. But at the same time, if our first round of IVF had failed idk where we’d be…..because that’s about our max. Our last IUI did work, but ended in a chemical pregnancy, so I’m hoping we’ll only need a few more IUI’s until we finally have our take-home baby.

      • I read that. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss. 😦
        But, it is a good sign for the future. I’m cheering for you when you’re ready to try again. 🙂

      • Thank you! Yes, I’m choosing to look at it in a positive light too. Thanks so much. I think we’re going to get started again in August….which means I’ll need to dish out another $600-ish in medication sometime soon so I have everything ready.

  2. You are lucky to have great insurance coverage!! I am keeping a spreadsheet as well, kind of stings a bit, but I feel like I need to know.

  3. Holy moly. It certainly adds up quickly. I’ve never seen the numbers laid out like this before so this is an eye opener fo rme. Thankfully it seems like you have pretty decent insurance coverage.

    • Yea it’s not much when you look at it piece by piece, but if you tally everything up it’s crazy how much it costs….and we’re not even done yet!!

  4. Yeah, I always say that those with ANY insurance coverage is lucky. We are out of pocket for everything and before IVF we were at about $17K. Assuming our 1st round of IVF works for us, it bumps us up to about $38K.

  5. These type spreadsheets always crack me up…because I cannot believe how high charges are for human medicine. Insane. I can do an entire workup on a dog/cat for around 300 bucks. Amazingly lame. I hope you are feeling pretty good right now! I loved seeing the comparison for your fit test!

    • LOL, yea the difference between animal medical costs and human medical costs are nuts!!! I’m good. Thanks!! Yea it was hard as hell, and I’ve still only lost 2 lbs, but I’m feeling much stronger already.

  6. Our IVF and canceled IUI cost about 15k out of pocket – we didn’t have insurance coverage. I still don’t get why infertility isn’t covered. It isn’t like we have much control over it.

  7. OMG it’s so expensive! I mean it’s great seeing how much insurance covered, but still.. $6,000 even with insurance coverage?! BLAH.

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