Another angel

pT5ej4RncToday I went to the funeral of an infant boy. I know the mother, she works at an organization where I volunteer from time to time. She was 8 months pregnant and had preeclampsia. She was getting blood clots, and got one in the umbilical cord which cut off the oxygen supply to her son and he passed away. I just can’t even begin to understand the pain that the family is experiencing right now. My heart just breaks for them.

This is the second funeral of this type that I’ve attended in the past year and I hope I never have to attend another. No one should experience that kind of loss, no one should ever have to bury their child.


11 thoughts on “Another angel

  1. Tragedy. I can’t even imagine. Prayers of comfort and healing to them. Sorry you had to experience that again.

  2. As horrible as miscarriages and failed cycles are, this type of loss trumps it all. Few things would be worse than this that I can imagine. There was an article in our local paper this morning about an accident involving a family dog who killed a 2 month old baby. This sort of thing is unfathomable to me, like a worst nightmare.

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