Insanity: Week 4

week4I’m really starting to get into a nice routine with my insanity workouts this week (although I opted for extra sleep this morning instead of working out, I’ll just get to it when I get home from work today)! I woke up early and did all of my workouts (except for Wednesday’s & Thursday’s) before work, which worked out so nicely with my schedule! On Wednesday I decided to sleep in, but was going to work out after work. Well…I came home to find we had no power (we had really bad thunderstorms that day). Instead of making an excuse I called my friend (next town over) and asked to use their power to do my workout…..they weren’t even home. I just went to her house, worked out, took a shower, then headed back home. Super proud of myself for not letting the power outage hold me back!!!

We went out of town this past weekend to visit friends of ours, and had a wonderful weekend, besides the fact that R & I managed to get matching his & hers speeding tickets….OUCH! I ate and drank a bit more than I should have…..but oh well, I really enjoyed myself. Saturday morning Jen & I (yes we have the same name, with a name like Jennifer I have a lot of friends with the same name, lol) ate breakfast then went to the gym for spin class….it was a hell of a workout! I forgot how much I enjoyed spin class. Okay, so maybe “enjoyed” isn’t the right word, but I really like what an efficient workout it is, in 1 hour I burned 804 calories.

I was supposed to weigh myself this morning, but just didn’t feel like it. I haven’t had a regular bowel movement (sorry, tmi) since Saturday….and just feel full and bloated. I decided I’m going to start weighing myself on Friday’s instead of Monday’s……it’s just tough weighing myself right after the weekend. This week I start week 5 of insanity which is the “recovery week”, I do the same workout every day, then I’ll do another fit test on Sunday. Next week starts the second month of Insanity, and I’ve heard it is REALLY INTENSE!!!!

Monday: Pure Cardio & Cardio Abs
Duration: 51:55
Calories Burned: 623

Tuesday: Cardio Power & Resistance
Duration: 37:26
Calories Burned: 456

Wednesday: Plyometric Cardio Circuit
Duration: 41:36
Calories Burned: 542

Thursday: Cardio Recovery
Duration: 32:36
Calories Burned: 260

Friday: Pure Cardio (I was supposed to do cardio abs this day too, but woke up a little late)
Duration: 38:36
Calories Burned: 443

Saturday: Spinning Class
Duration: 1:02
Calories Burned: 804



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