Time to order more meds!

IVFmeds Order

Jeez, is it already time to order my meds for my August IUI??? Well, just to be on the safe side, to make sure they arrive on time (since they’re coming from Europe) it’s already that time again!! Just ordered 16 units of hMG (generic of Repronex) for IUI#5, hopefully MY LAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ll still need to order my needlesย &ย syringes and Clomid from CVS and my HCG trigger shot from Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, but those don’t take very long at all so I’ll wait a few more weeks before incurring that expense.

Better kick my butt into gear, would love to be able to lose 5-10 lbs between now and then!!


35 thoughts on “Time to order more meds!

      • Okay! I am up for it! I had planned on doing a post about needing to lose weight but haven’t has the time to think or write since Mamma is ill. I have noticed that as my weight has slowly climbed so has my cycle lengths.

      • Sorry to hear about your Grandma, that’s really tough. I’ll be thinking of you guys! I hear ya, same here. I wish I was more of an “emotional starve yourself” person rather than the emotional eater I am!

  1. I pray this is your last IUI too. I’ve lost 8 pounds this summer so far and I do think it helps with fertility. Good luck!!! I really hope the baby fairy sprinkles lots of baby dust on you. ๐Ÿ˜ƒ

    • Thank you so much!! You go girl, yes I believe it all helps in one way or another!! Plus that’s 8 less pounds you have to worry about losing after you have a baby!!

  2. Wowza, that’s a lot of money. Sometimes I think if I was on injections or pills or whatever it would help. But I know every thing happened for a reason. Baby dust to you for you IUI 5 ๐Ÿ’•

  3. Fingers crossed for you!! This is very interesting about the cost of the injectables in Europe! I have completely put it off the table because of cost, I wonder if my RE would be open to this as an option….if the femara doesn’t work I will have to ask!! Good luck!

    • Thank you!! Yes, I would definitely bring it up. It’s still a certified pharmacy, and my doc has to call in the prescription, but the costs are so much lower!

  4. Please, oh please, let this one be the last one! I love your motivation and positivity…especially having the hurt you both had! Sweets, you know I am always pulling and praying for you!

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