Insanity: Recovery Week

Recovery Week Recap

This past week was my “recovery week” before starting month 2 of insanity. Let me be the first to say that it was definitely “easier” than my normal workouts, but not the “recovery” I had in mind. I had to do the same workout every day for 5 days, instead of the usual routine of a different workout every day. I definitely feel “recovered”, but I’m scared for month 2……which starts TONIGHT!!!

21450491I’ve been really struggling with morning workouts lately, just haven’t been able to get out of the bed again… annoying!! I want more than anything to be a morning exerciser, but so far it’s just not working out…..only 1 week was I able to do so.

I went ahead and did my 3rd fit test yesterday…..even though it was supposed to be a rest day for me, just didn’t feel like doing 2 workouts today. And now that I wasn’t able to wake up this morning and work out I’m really glad I did!!

**A few disclaimers about my fit test results: I don’t do the power jumps, they’re just too hard on my knees….which is why there isn’t a number beside of those, I just do power knees with my other leg. Also, for the push-up jacks….I can’t even do a “real” push-up, so I just do girl push ups instead of push up jacks…who knows, maybe I’ll be strong enough soon. I’m pretty impressed with my results so far though, fit test wise, I’ve made great improvements in every exercise….it’s amazing to see.

Insanity Fit Test Results - Week 5


When I was whining the other day about how I had only lost 2 lbs several of you suggested that I take measurements. Well I took 2 measurements on day 1 waist and chest, I’m just mad I didn’t take more. So in addition to the 2 lbs I’ve lost I have also lost 1 inch in my waist and 1/2 inch in my chest. I took a few extra measurements this time that I’ll compare at my next fit test (thigh, arm, hips)….I can’t wait to see the improvements.

Still going strong, I hope this week doesn’t break me!!



10 thoughts on “Insanity: Recovery Week

    • It’s not motivation that I’ve been struggling with…’s the mornings! If the morning were later in the day I’m sure I’d be more successful at working out in the mornings!! LOL.

  1. Hey, just wanted to say hi and thank you for sharing your story. We’re about to embark on the same journey. I’ve actually just made the appointment at the fertility place. Aaand I’m on week 2 of insanity so I’m really loving your blog right now. Oh and we’re also dealing with MFI.

    Anyway, good luck with month 2. I’m rooting for you, in insanity and your fertility treatments.

    • Well dang, we have a LOT of similarities!! LOL. I’m glad you found me!

      Good luck to you too, with insanity and your infertility journey! I’m here for ya if you ever need anything!! You are NOT ALONE!!!!

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