Answers….sort of after this mornings weigh-in I was beyond frustrated, I was PISSED! I called my family doctor to make an appointment and they said they could squeeze me in this afternoon. First I told the doctor about my constipation/stomach issues, then I told her about my weight loss (or lack there of) journey and how frustrated I was! She asked me a million questions, felt around on my stomach and back….then told me that she wanted me to try a prescription called Amitiza for my bowels. It’s prescribed for IBS with constipation (SEE I KNEW I HAD IBS!!!).

She gave me 1.5 weeks worth of samples to see if I “like it”…..apparently it will just help regulate me, nothing crazy. She said it could take up to a week to start working properly. Amitiza is NOT a pregnancy safe medication though, so as soon as something happens on that front I have to discontinue taking it.

Regarding my lack of weight loss she reminded me that the Zoloft I JUST STARTED TAKING for depression on May 19th  makes it even harder to lose weight….so she recommended I cut my daily calories to 1,200. 1,200 net calories per day seems awful LOW to me, like yea duh if I cut my calories that low I’ll lose weight….but I guess it’s worth a try. MyFitnessPal assured me that for my height and current weight 1,600 net calories was a better calorie goal, but I guess doctor knows best? I’m pretty sure that doing the Insanity workouts on 1,200 net calories (meaning I get to eat more on my workout days) means I’m going to be VERY HUNGRY for the first few weeks. So basically I’m starting over, great!

Next week is going to be tough, we have family coming into town Wednesday-Sunday for the July 4th holiday….and there is going to be a lot of food and a lot of drinking, and I’m okay with it. I’m going to continue my shakes for breakfast, and keep the rest of my food intake “reasonable”….but I’m not going to worry too much about it. Maybe that’s the wrong mindset, but it’s just how I feel.

29 thoughts on “Answers….sort of

  1. Glad the doc got you in today! Hopefully that med will do the trick. Keep up the great job of finding what will work for you to help you reach your goals. Don’t give up!

  2. Hm….I’d maybe start in between those two cal goals (1400?). I think “1200” is a ‘magic number’ that docs say who aren’t specialists in things.. kind of like an OB/GYN who thinks that Clomid is the magic pill for infertility, even if it’s not the best med for what’s going on with a person’s specific issues. I’d just hesitate to go that low, honestly…. you’re more likely to get frustrated at the extreme lack of calories and quit altogether (at least that’s the way I work). Just a thought…

  3. Glad you got some meds :). 1200 calories seems low and you will be weak doing insanity… Maybe 1400 calories to start and then work your way to 1200? Good luck girlie!

  4. I’m finishing my masters in nutrition and yeah you can’t get enough nutrition from less than 1600 calories a day. So… I’d do that and just try to get more activity which also helps with depression.

    (I’m also a fellow depression champion, you’re not alone)

  5. I agree with Josey in that docs aren’t specialists in nutrition. It might help to get a referral to a dietitian (ask him/her about FODMAPs for IBS). You may also want to get tested for celiac disease (if you haven’t already) to rule that out. That can be a reason for your symptoms as well as unexplained infertility.

    • Yea, you’re right. No, I’ve never been tested fro celiac….but yea I guess that could explain it all too. We aren’t aware of any problems on my end, they’re all male factor….that we know of. But should we suffer another miscarriage I guess they will do more digging on my end.

  6. Jen, i am the most constipated person ive ever met! This all has changed now but just so you can have an idea… For all my life i only pooped during the week preceeding my period, during the rest of the month my belly would just grow… By the time poop week was approaching it was obvious, i looked 4 months pregnant. I use to take so much laxatives, but my body would get used to it and i would keep increasing my (self medicated) dosage.. On time i took 11 laxative pills and nothing even happened. Most people get sick from just 1. I thought thats how everybody was though! My diet wasnt terrible, i didnt eat much junk, but it wasnt good either. Lots of carbs.. I ate white bread at breakfast and dinner daily and didnt eat any vegetables. There was no fiber in my diet. It took time to regulate my body but I did it! Im not a fan of taking medication, i barely take tylenol, do that wasn’t an option. I started by eating dried plums and papaya, then added coffee everyday. Helped a lot! Then i started adding metamucil (at higher dosage than indicated) to every meal of the day. I stopped taking metamucil but it works great! U now just have a fiber rich diet, eat lots of yoghurt, and take probiotic pills everyday! Sorry for the run on reply! Im on my cell. Anyways, hope this helps! I havent taken a laxative in over 10 years!

  7. I hope the IBS medication helped. I was diagnosed with IBS in 2012, but that doctor just told me it was mostly from my anxiety. Since I moved away from where I was, I haven’t had any problems.

    I have only eaten 1200 calories per day and it is not very many at all. When I first started, I was VERY hungry. I agree with the advice from others. Your sanity should be your #1 priority and other things in moderation will be fine. Wishing you all the best! ❤

    • Thank you!! Interesting….I guess it’s possible for that to be some of my problems too? Who knows. I just hope it helps…..chronic constipation is so painful, and annoying!!

      For sure….it’s just something I need to work at. Thank you 🙂

  8. I’m on Zoloft too and have noticed a slight increase in my weight over time. It’s like every month I gain another pound, and think that is has to be the Zoloft. I went off it maybe a year ago and was able to lose the weight, but it was hard, and now that I’m back on it, I’ve gained it all back. Sucks because I really like how I feel on Zoloft. Good luck to you, 1,200 cals is not much…

    • Ugh, great!! Here I am complaining about not losing weight, but maybe I should be grateful I lost 1 lb in a month instead of gaining a few from the new medication. It’s such a catch 22….but I think I’m better on it….at least for now. Sorry you’re struggling too.

      • I know, I feel so much better on the Zoloft, but some of the side effects really suck. I’ve gone off it a few times, really just to lose the weight so that I can go back on it to gain it all again.

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