Weekly weigh-in…beyond frustrated

garfield-on-the-scaleSo I weighed in this morning and I’m up 1.2 lbs from last week. I’m seriously so frustrated with this. Other than last Saturday when I had a few glasses of wine, piece of cheesecake, and tiny sliver of lasagna I’ve been spot on counting my calories this week….and haven’t missed ONE SINGLE workout! Honestly, it makes me just want to quit everything, and go back to my old eating habits.

For a girl my size, this far along in the Insanity program, I should have dropped some SERIOUS weight by now, in addition to gaining some lean muscle mass. I just don’t get it…..what gives??

Maybe it’s time for me to make an appointment with my family doctor to get some things tested. This just doesn’t make sense.

25 thoughts on “Weekly weigh-in…beyond frustrated

  1. How are you determining what amount of calories to eat? If you’re working out that hard, your body needs fuel, b/c you don’t want your body to go into starvation mode and hold onto every calories. I like using my Fitbit synced to MyFitnessPal for tracking b/c it takes into account my movement for the day when it determines my calorie allotment.

    Also, yes, get checked out by your doctor. If your thyroid is off, that can affect both weight loss AND a potential pregnancy.

    • I just did what MFP suggested, 1627 per day….and then I add more when I workout. My work just ordered fitbits for us, so I’m excited for it to come in, it’ll probably help give me a better number.

      Yea, I will…maybe something is wrong. Idk, I’m just so frustrated. Thanks for “weighing in”. LOL.

  2. What are your other measurements doing? Sometimes you can lose inches but not pounds. I would be curious if your clothes are fitting a little better? Of course, I think I always gain weight when I intensify my work out plan because I tell myself I can eat more because I earned it.

    • Last I checked (last Friday) since starting the program (6 weeks ago) I had lost 1 inch from my waist and 1/2 inch from my chest….so not much. And my clothes aren’t fitting better. LOL, yea that’s easy to do too…..but I’ve been tracking my calories, EVERY SINGLE THING I CONSUME!!!!!!!!!!!! UGH!

  3. One pound isn’t a big deal. It very much could be dependent on the time you weighed in and how much water you were retaining at the moment, etc. Also, keep in mind that muscle weighs more than fat. So as you work out, you might be losing fat but gaining muscle to the point that the overall change is a gain in weight. It’s a good idea to use an additional measure, such as taking a few measurements of your body, to help track actual fat loss.

    • Yea, I know you’re right….but I’m frustrated that I’ve been doing so good for 6 weeks now and all I’ve lost is 1 freaking pound?!? And it’s not like I’m a skinny girl trying to tone up, I’m overweight and could stand to lose 30+ lbs….so I’m thinking I should have dropped at least 5-10 lbs by now. I will check my measurements again tomorrow….maybe I’ve lost in other areas, but I don’t feel my clothes fitting any better.

  4. Are you replacing muscle with fat, as muscle weighs more? I gained a ton of weight when I started working out everyday… It is depressing, but I’m trying to focus more on how I look rather than what the scale reads.

      • Oh, okay… That’s frustrating. I’m sorry. Medications you’re on preventing weight loss? It’s got to be something since you’re literally working your ass off!

      • I’m not sure, hoping my doctor can squeeze me in soon….surely there is a problem….bc yes, like you said I feel like I’ve been working my ass off! Lol.

      • Honestly I have no idea. My doctor didn’t even want to check my thyroid….maybe she felt something in my stomach that leads her to believe it’s not a problem?? WHO KNOWS!!! Maybe some of my bloat is b/c AF hasn’t come yet, I’m sure I’ll drop a pound or two once she finally shows.

      • I don’t doubt it’s also the depression meds. We all know from fertility drugs anything you put into your body can definitely affect it in ways you never though.

  5. My initial thought is your *whoremones* are outta whack, probly from the MC. And then, are you counting your macros (how much protein/carbs/fats) you’re taking in? Are you getting enough protein?
    There’s a quote: “You can’t out-train a bad diet” and not taking in enough calories, or taking in too many fats/carbs and not enough protein, can be just as bad as eating too much. I bet you are aware, but it’s worth repeating.
    Also, with the right diet you’ll lose weight without even exercising, because diet is *the key* to weightloss.
    To see if maybe your body needs a break, I would quit the high intensity “Insanity” workouts for the week, and walk for 30-60 min. each day instead–at least for a few days or a week. And be very careful about the diet. Sometimes switching it up does the trick (even though it’s counter-intuitive).
    This is just my two cents, but I have been a CPT and competitive athlete, so I’ve had some experience with “plateaus” both with myself and with clients. Usually, the diet is to blame, but overtraining or hormonal issues are also troublesome. XOXO

    • You know what, I never even thought that the MC had anything to do with it….but you may be right. Hormones (“whoremones”) are such a bitch!! I’m not sure about the macros, maybe I need to keep a closer eye on it, you’re so right…..honestly I just thought if I hit my calorie count that I was GOOD! But yea, good point. I know my diet hasn’t been perfect, but seriously 1 freaking pound in 6 weeks???? SERIOUSLY!!!!!!

      • Here’s what: protein has 4 calories per gram, carbohydrates have 4 calories per gram, and fat has 9 calories per gram. Protein is the building blocks of healthy tissue, while carbs and fats are either used or stored for energy. You need all 3 in order to function properly. Not all carbs are created equal–simple carbs (sugar, refined flour, etc.) have little or no nutrients and spike your blood sugar (high glycemic)–when your blood sugar spikes your body *does not burn fat*. So complex carbs (old fashioned oats, sweet potato, etc.) are better, because they offer more nutrients and don’t spike your insulin *aka* blood sugar (low glycemic).
        Also, eating protein with carbs helps prevent your insulin spiking–so eat some form of protein with every meal or snack.
        Also, fiber helps to prevent the insulin spike–so the more fiber (veggies! etc.) the better.
        So aim to eat high protein, moderate carbohydrate (with complex carbs, like veggies), and moderate fat (good fats, like olive oil, avocado) and you will be getting a lot of nutrients *and* you will lose fat while maintaining your muscle.
        You *do not* want to lose muscle, because muscle burns calories. Losing muscle slows your metabolism. How do you lose muscle? By not eating enough protein to meet your body’s needs. As an active woman, you want to aim for 1-2 grams of protein per pound of lean body mass. Lets say you weigh 150lbs at 30% bodyfat, then you have 100lbs of lean mass so you need 100-200 grams of protein per day. Your body can only use 20-30 grams at one time, so to keep your body fueled throughout the day it’s best to eat 5 meals/snacks with at least 20 grams of protein per meal/snack.
        Websites like FitDay can tell you how much protein/carbs/fat is in a food, so you know how much you’re consuming.
        Hope this helps on the diet front. Eating 2,000 of *the right* calories will make you lose weight faster than eating 1,200 of *the wrong* calories. XOXO

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